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Advisory Board

DC / Community Reps / Alumnus / External Experts / Director / Deans / Mr. Jayakrishna / IH & VP / Student Reps


Overall Coordination / Track I Individual Professors at Theme Level


Track II


Programme Assistant / External Consultant - contractor


Project-wise Student Group / OMEGA



The steering committee for sustainable development at TAPMI consists of various stakeholders of the institute operating at various levels. It is driven from the top by the institutional head. The director and faculty incharge guide student representatives from various institutional committees who take the message further to the remaining students. The student bodies actively involved in the steering committee include Social Endeavour Group (SEG) , Organization for Managerial Entrepreneurial Guidance and Assistance (OMEGA) ,Student Executive Council (SEC),Literary and Media Committee(LIME) and Welfare Committee.

Social Endeavour Group (SEG)

The Social Endeavour Group (SEG) at TAPMI strongly believes in the philosophy of: “Do what you can with what you have, where you are”, as quoted by Theodore Roosevelt. With a team of 26 members, the committee serves as the CSR wing of TAPMI and works towards empowering different strata of the local community, ranging from children in Academy Primary School to providing social consulting services to the government and other local institutions.

Organization for Managerial Entrepreneurial Guidance and Assistance (OMEGA)

OMEGA is the student consulting wing of TAPMI. OMEGA has successfully completed several consulting
projects like assisting budding entrepreneurs, supporting and partnering with small and medium scale enterprises in the region.