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TAPMI is an advanced signatory for the UNPRME and has been confirmed for the PRME champions cycle 2019-2019.

TAPMI has committed to actively engage in the PRME Champions’ flagship project, “Mainstreaming the SDGs in PRME Institutions”, and has identified a core team with adequate capacity and resources to be able to actively drive the commitment for the two-year cycle of 2018-2019. TAPMI would also be participating and having representation in the workshops and webinars organized by PRME.

As an institute,TAPMI is committed to take transformative action towards the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals across curriculum, research and partnerships.

TAPMI Centre for Inclusive Growth & Competitiveness, brings together two approaches to engage with our host district, UDUPI and subsequently with government administrations and other economic development related institutions / associations around the region and country. The first approach will constitute a comprehensive management and economic sciences based set of diagnoses and interventions that will catalyse systemic outcomes. TAPMI brings together the required academic and programme management expertise required to do this.The centre’s collective experience spans several geographies national and international and several domains including participatory assessment, economic analysis and planning, infrastructure and PPPs, institutions and policy, sector strategies and programme evaluation.

The second approach will focus on TAPMI’s and the Manipal community’s philanthropic and social concerns to specific areas such as primary education, differently abled individuals, art and artisans and other disadvantaged groups.

Situated within the General Management Area the Centre will take an inherently inter disciplinary approach to engagement, advocacy, normative technical assistance, evidence based programming, research, capacity building and to student participation and learning.

We identify material issues through materiality analysis based on GRI G4 aspect list and various activities , desktop research on broad based societal expectations and benchmarks with other educational institutes. Our material issues include –

  • Migration | Healthcare
  • Education | Diversity
  • Food security | Governance
  • Poverty