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Vishleshan: A Social Analytics Challenge

Analytics has changed the way society lives today. Data driven solutions have permeated many aspects of our lives, from shopping online to personal finance to larger problems like deforestation etc.

This competition was an experiment in trying to apply data science and analytics to real world social problems. For the first edition, we decided to introduce problems on energy security and malnutrition. Teams were invited from across the country to participate. The teams had to understand the problem using data sources of their choice, then develop the strategy to solve the problem. We kept the parameters very open to allow the teams to have freedom to choose the approach.

There were 80 teams who participated in the initial rounds and 6 teams who were invited to TAPMI for the final round. Our judges gave them some valuable insights. The first edition has brought many great presentations from our participants. They have also suggested us some ideas to expand the concept of VISHLESHAN to make the ideas more implementable and relevant. We hope to do this in the future.