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TAPMI Virtual Executive Learning creates new opportunities to learn by bringing live classrooms to the working executives. It brings rigour to the learning process as it is synchronous, interactive and controlled. TAPMI Virtual delivers high quality learning experience that is associated with a physical classroom. TAPMI Virtual is an opportunity for the working executives to study post graduate program in management without taking a break from their career.

The online sessions will be delivered on the virtual classroom platform of our technical partners. The heart of the platform is a powerful user interface that enables large number of geographically distributed students to have a highly interactive “one to one” exchange with a central faculty.

You cannot join the course anytime as the course has two campus components and weekend classes. However, you can choose your own time to study and interact with faculty and go through the course contents.
The classes are being organized for just 2 days a week (Sundays & Mondays: 6.30 to 9.30pm) so, it does not affect your regular work schedule. The programme consists of around 240 hours of courses delivered using Virtual video conferencing technology platform and 80 hours of Campus Segment, conducted in two phases.
Yes, the courses are delivered through HD video conferencing network with high quality Video and Audio. The experience is seamless with digital whiteboard, Moderator control, hand raise for dynamic participation, chat options for unobtrusive query when required.

It also has 2 campus segments, each for 7 days in the start of the program, 7 days at the end of the program. During this campus segment, the executive will visit TAPMI, Manipal campus for Bloomberg Certification Program.

The last date of application is September 30, 2018. For details you may visit our website:
TAPMI Virtual program in banking, insurance and financial markets

a) Fully loaded course content with rich applied learning

• 320 Hours packed and loaded learning component

• Hands on training in Bloomberg and Reuters Terminals

• Project works to apply course learning in work area

b) High engagement with faculty

• 14 days campus segment

• On class and off class engagement thru TAPMI Learning and engagement platform (LEAP)

• Discussion posts and Chat facility to engage with faculty

• Tab loaded with rich Learning & Knowledge content, e-books provisioned in TAPMI LEAP

c) Differentiated program – Management program in a sectoral context

d) Dual certification:

• Certification in Bloomberg Market Concepts and

• TAPMI PG certification in banking, insurance and financial markets

e) Module based learning

• Program structured as 6 modules excluding the campus segment.

• 2 subjects in each module to facilitate focussed learning for working executives

At present, TAPMI is not providing any support for placement.
It is custom designed to facilitate learning with the rigor that one would associate to a physical classroom and application that happens in a work place. This unique model of LEARNING and APPLYING concurrently is truly designed for Lifelong learning. It is not accredited.

1. Lectures will be conducted involving two-way audio and video communication mode

2. Lectures can be attended in the Classroom location of your convenience in your city

3. Classes will be scheduled in the evening after office hours

4. There will be 2 to 3 classes per week

5. Multiple assessment mode to test and facilitate learning

6. Participants will be provided with TAB containing e-books and reading materials etc. for each course

  1. Increased convenience. It is undeniable that virtual classroom removed the limitation of time and location, a common challenge in a traditional classroom. …
  2. Effective time management. …
  3. Sharped digital skills. …
  4. Affordable. …
  5. Immediate feedback on exams and tests.
  6. Learn while you work.
Its compulsory to attend the classes, in case of illness, please contact the course coordinator.
You cannot access while you are travelling, but you can reach any of our nearby virtual center at your location to attend classes.
We do not have any Virtual classroom set up abroad. We may have classes in abroad in future.
We will try and accommodate in the coming batches. Please get in touch with our course coordinators for more information. However, no refund can be processed.
Adequate measures are taken to ensure that the sessions are held seamlessly without interference. However, if owing to certain issues beyond control the session is interrupted at a specific location, recording of the session will be provided. Students are required to visit their centre to view the recorded classes within a stipulated period.
It is visit to TAPMI, Manipal (Karnataka) campus for a total of 14 days. 7 days in the beginning of the program and 7 days at the end. During the visit, the student is inducted to the program, as well as the classroom based learning is undertaken along with quiz, training in Bloomberg Market concepts.
It is compulsory component of the program.
These programme is tailored to meet the needs of the hour considering the resources & Time constraints of the aspirants and at same time meeting the demand for Quality Education. These programs place a lot of emphasis on work experience. The biggest beneficiaries of this program will be middle and senior management professionals who are looking at growing into general management roles. This Program is neither like MBA/PGDBM nor like any other regular class room courses.
The interaction is live and uses high quality video, audio and data transfer, where a professor teaches from the studio at TAPMI. The students are required to come to the learning centres at pre-fixed times. You can visit any of the centres near to you, to get a first-hand feel of the technology.

The learning will be delivered through a mix of Virtual synchronous mode, Campus segment, Project work and off classroom engagement. The intensive engagement across all modules has been designed to deliver learning rigour that is as close to physical classroom as possible.

As of now, we only one course and you can only enrol for one program at a time. We will be introducing more courses stay tuned.
Virtual Learning courses are as rigorous, if not more so, than traditional “brick & mortar” classes. Students will have to be more self-disciplined, in fact, than traditional classes.  Many of the features of traditional classes will be found in online classes–such features as class participation, homework, group collaboration, testing, etc.
The course is conducted only in India and hence cannot be undergone abroad. The student should complete his course while he is in India.
Kindly visit the link for more information on your nearest virtual centre details.
Yes. You can visit any of the Virtual Classroom Centre for a demonstration.
The application is fully online, and the digital application form can be filled and sent to A counsellor will get in touch with you.
The documents that will be required are copies of your graduation or Degree certificate along with a copy of the Transcript for the above same a letter from the company – justifying your relevant work experience (wherever is applicable) along with registration fee of Rs.3000/- (nonrefundable).
Our counsellors will get in touch with you and the selected candidates will receive email.
While travelling, you may opt to choose any Virtual Classroom Centre across India wherein the sessions are being delivered, subject to availability of seating capacity. This is possible with prior and written permission from both the class-room coordinators so as to make necessary infrastructure available in case of a sudden emergency.
One can take a break under the following conditions.

• Break is allowed only once during the course, except during the first term.

• Once you take a break you must send the break application form to TAPMI Virtual with a copy to your study centre.

• While transferring to another city, one needs to follow the rules and regulation laid down by the institute.

• Subject to availability of seats

Project work needs to be completed within the course duration and within the time frame as specified in the program.
You cannot take the course through internet. You must visit the Virtual Classroom Location to attend the session.
A student is assessed on his performance in quizzes thereby conducted followed by Midterm End Term Exams and Individual or Group Assignments like Case Studies & Project work given to them from time to time and accordingly Grades are awarded.

For some subjects, it is necessary and for some it is left to the discretion of the faculty concerned.

The course material supplied by TAPMI Virtual would be sufficient. For extra or additional information, one is free to refer to other books.
You can directly email the faculty and chat with him through the platform provided in the TAB.
You can get in touch with him over the phone too.
This is a PG Certification program. Yes, it qualifies you for further education.

TAPMI Virtual Executive Learning

TAPMI Virtual Executive Learning

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