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Sustainability @ TAPMI

Our mission at TAPMI is to excel in post graduate education, research and practice. We do this by nurturing and developing global wealth creators and leaders. We firmly believe that every part of an organization is affected by a sustainability related topic and must align itself with sustainability principles while defining its strategy, structure and business models.

TAPMI Centre for Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness is the hub for all sustainability related activities at TAPMI, and leads/supports activities including agenda setting, external relations with relevant stakeholders, collaborations with other sustainability related organizations/institutions, program management and reporting at institutional level.

Disha 2019

Disha 2019 saw eminent personalities from various industry domains coming under one roof and imparting their wise words to the student cohort of TAPMI.  The event saw immense knowledge sharing from both ends with not only industry experts talking about their experiences in the corporate world but also students showcasing their practical ability to learn the ropes of management through their respective committee work.

The event saw various committees putting up their work on display by setting up a kiosk. It was a new concept and nothing less than a golden opportunity for the ‘Sustainability @TAPMI’ team since it was the first time the team was presenting at Disha. The members from SCOT and SEG left no stone unturned to set up a magnificent kiosk which did justice to the work done by the ‘Sustainability @TAPMI’ throughout the year. The efforts did not go in vain as the kiosk captured attention and brought many prestigious guests to interact with the team and learn how sustainability was being integrated with the various domains of business to benefit the society as a whole. The guests were particularly impressed with the clarity displayed by the team in terms of the objectives that have been achieved so far and how the plan is set to expand those in the future.

Disha 2019 was an immensely fruitful experience for all of us. We plan to make the most out of our interaction and look forward to collaborating with these industry experts in the field of sustainable ventures and sustainable development.

SEG Tree Plantation

On 15th August 2019, Social Endeavour Group (SEG) of TAPMI in collaboration with the Karnataka Forest Department successfully completed the Tree Plantation Drive on the occasion of Independence Day.  The event was conducted as a contribution to ‘One Student, One Tree’ Initiative of Human Resource Development Ministry of India. 

SEG strongly believes in the philosophy of ‘Do what you can with what you have, where you are’.  Under the esteemed guidance of Professor Ishwar Haritas, the committee works on several initiatives based on the sustainable development goals – quality education, good health and well-being for the betterment of the local community.  In this regard, Tree Plantation Drive is one of the many activities that SEG organises on a yearly basis.

 ‘Our forefathers gifted us the freedom to live, let us gift our future generations the freedom to breathe’ is the motto of tree plantation drive.  Karnataka Forest Department has partnered with TAPMI in reviving the forest cover on the premises around the institution.  Due to harsh summers and cattle grazing, many trees and saplings die an early death reducing the density of the forest.  That necessitates the planting of saplings in the midst of a forest cover.  Reducing pollution is another aim of the initiative.  SEG aims to bring a positive change by decreasing pollution levels and making the country a greener and cleaner place.

Every year TAPMI students, mentored by the Karnataka Forest Department employees, hike to the designated area in the forest around the campus to plant saplings.  This year about 25 bamboo and redwood trees were planted.  The forest officials informed that about 25% of the saplings do not survive the harsh summers. 

The forest officials instructed the students on how to plant saplings with care.  They choose the species that can adjust to the soil conditions of the area.  They decide where to plant the sapling to allow proper spacing between existing vegetation and the new saplings.  They advised the students to make a small trench around the newly planted sapling to facilitate water retention.

Students enthusiastically planted the saplings.  One of the participants said that the new experience gave them an opportunity to contribute to society.  The participants discussed with the officials about the other associated problems the forest department faces.  SEG believes that the involvement of the youth in such initiatives makes the process sustainable in its own right.