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Healthcare Management


Peer Reviewed Journal

  • Dayashankar Maurya, Altaf Virani and S. Rajasulochana (2017). “Horses for Courses: Moving India towards Universal Health Coverage through Targeted Policy Design”. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy 15 no. 6, 733-744. ABDC-C.

Other Publications

  • Dayashankar Maurya (2017). “Reforms Needed for Revolutionizing Healthcare in India”. Chronicle Pharmabiz. December 21, 2017.
  • Dayashankar Maurya (2017). “Sustainable Health Financing System for India: The Economic Perspective”. Express Healthcare. March 03, 2017.


Other Publications

  • Dayashankar Maurya and M Asher (2016). “India’s March Towards Universal Health Coverage: Lesson’s from RSBY”. Express Healthcare 10. October 08, 2016.


Peer Reviewed Journal

  • Kumar Mukherjee and Dolores Nobles‐Knight (2013). “Assessment of Trade‐Offs Made by People Due to Financial Stress from Medical Care in the USA.” Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research 4, no. 2, 95-99.


Book/Book Chapter/Book Review

  • Rishi Kesavaram Velure (2012). “Book Review: I too Had a Dream.” Network, 38-39.