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Doctoral Programme

The Doctoral Programe at TAPMI is recognized by Manipal University. On successful completion of the programme, PhD is awarded by Manipal University. TAPMI offers scholarships to a selected number of full-time PhD candidates. The details of PhD candidates are shown as follows.

Name Batch Full Time/Part Time Contact Details
Mr. Satyaki Datta 2017 Full Time
Mr. Prasad Kochikar Pai 2017 Full Time
Mr. Mitrajit Biswas 2017 Full Time
Mr. Arup Kumar Dhar 2017 Full Time
Mr. Srinivasa Reddy 2016 Part Time
Mr. Gurudatt S Nayak 2016 Part Time
Mr. Uday Sharma 2016 Part Time
Mr. Kishore L 2016 Part Time
Mr. Mahesh Prabhu 2016 Part Time
Mr. Giridhar Kamath B 2016 Part Time
Mr. Lalatendu Mishra 2016 Full Time
Mr. Anshuman Mohanthy 2016 Full Time
Ms. Vagisha 2015 Full Time
Mr. Maninder Singh 2015 Full Time
Ms. Savitha Heggede 2015 Full Time
Mr. Kedareshwaran Subramanian 2014 Part Time
Mr. Sham Ranjan K C Shetty 2014 Part Time
Mr. Vinod Madhavan 2014 Part Time
Ms. Aparna Bhat 2014 Part Time
Mr. Abilash Ramani K 2014 Part Time
Mr. Ashish B 2014 Full Time
Mr. Sudeep Kumar S 2014 Part Time
Mr. Nagarur Sudheer Reddy 2014 Full Time