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TAPMI Young Leaders Programme (YLP)

TAPMI aims to produce industry relevant graduates capable of taking leadership roles while navigating through volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Towards this determination, TAPMI provides a unique opportunity to its immensely talented students to be part of an ambitious, action oriented and future focused Young Leaders Programme.

Objectives of TAPMI Young Leaders Programme

  1. To create a dynamic learning environment which cultivates future leaders
  2. To identify exceptionally talented students for leadership development
  3. To help identify their current leadership strengths and build a personal leadership philosophy and a clear future leadership development plan.
  4. To expose the identified young leaders to the realities (challenges) of C-Suite executive positions
  5. To facilitate learning from past and present leaders of Corporate India


The above-mentioned objectives will be achieved through the following opportunities for students as part of TAPMI YLP:

  1. Increased self-awareness through personalized one-on-one evidence based expert advisory
  2. Self-development through coaching by trained faculty
  3. Invaluable mentorship of senior TAPMI Alumni
  4. Term-6 on a fast-track (special) mode
  5. Executive Internship with influential C-Suite business leaders for two months

Executive Internship

The executive internship is in addition to the regular internship (MIP) of two-months. Under this exciting programme, selected students would be sent to leading firms in Corporate India to work as intern under senior (C-Suite in most cases) industry leaders. Students will shadow the leaders and will work in the role of executive assistant to their mentors. This will be a paid internship.