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PhD Programs

TAPMI’s vision to raise the standard of management education in India through path-breaking, pioneering research is realized through the PhD program. As an Institution that is a melting pot of academicians and practitioners, that encourages conversations with industry stalwarts, boasts of outstanding infrastructure and is committed to promoting research, TAPMI’s doctoral program offers the perfect opportunity to conduct high quality, innovative management research in a quiet, scholarly environment.

Aimed at candidates who possess a strong inclination for rigorous academic study and intend to pursue an academic career after completing the program, the program requires doctoral scholars to conduct research in close collaboration with one or more faculty guide(s) and fellow scholars and publications in eminent academic journals. The doctoral degree is awarded by Manipal University, upon successful completion of all requirements of the program.

Recognized as the Research Centre of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, TAPMI strongly encourages interdisciplinary work that leads to new insights and theory. Potential research areas include all topics spanning business and management such as Economics and Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain, Strategy etc.

Program Duration and Coursework

The full-time doctoral program is expected to take at least four years to complete and involves two years of rigorous coursework. In the first year, doctoral scholars undertake MBA-level courses covering basic topics in management. Doctoral-level courses pertaining to philosophical foundations of research thought, research methodology, econometrics, writing a research proposal, and area-specific topics are taught in the second year.

In exceptional cases, full-time scholars who possess an MBA or PGDM degree from a reputed institution in India or abroad that is equivalent to TAPMI’s PGDM degree – as deemed so by TAPMI – can be exempted from the first year of MBA-level courses and be permitted to directly do their doctoral courses. This course waiver is not guaranteed to all applicants and is based on the recommendations of the Doctoral Committee upon suitable evaluation.

Proposal Defense

Shortly after completion of coursework, the doctoral student prepares a comprehensive research proposal with the help of her/his guide(s) and committee members and defends the same in front of a specially constituted committee. The doctoral candidate is expected to defend her/his proposal successfully before being permitted to continue the research and complete the thesis.


A Master’s degree in a Management or related subject as the area of interest, with at least 60% marks, from a recognized University / Institute in India or abroad. Diploma must be recognized by AIU.