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Faculty Guides

Sl. No Name Guide/Co-Guide Area
1 Simon George Guide Brand Management, Services Marketing, Marketing
2 Jayanthi Thanigan Guide Marketing
3 Mukta Srivastava Guide Customer Engagement, Customer Brand Management, Electronics word-of-mouth, (eWOM), Influence Marketing, Brand Loyalty
4 Karthikeya Bolar Pramoda Guide Information Systems and Technology, Data Science and Analytics
5 Madhu Veeraraghavan Guide Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing, Behaviour Finance
6 Tathagata Ghosh  Guide Online Marketing/Digital Communication Channels, Travel and Tourism Marketing, Product Placements, Packaging
7 Vasanth Kamath Guide Applied System Dynamics, Event and Tourism Management and Sustainability of Rural SMEs
8 Krishna Prasad Guide Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Asset Pricing, Sentiment Analysis, Corporate Finance, Banking
9 Sudhindra S Guide Knowledge Management and Operations Management
10 Bhawan Maheshwari Guide Physical Attractiveness, Gender Diversity, Family-friendly policies
11 Navaneetha Krishnan S Guide Strategy(Business and Management), Technology Management, Crisis , Uncertainty and Risk Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, New Product Development
12 Abhishek Kumar Rohit Guide Monetary Economics, Financial economics, International Economics, Financial Markets
13 Murchhana Tripathy Co-Guide Recommender Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining.
14 Arunima K V Co-Guide Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship, HR metrics and analytics, Consumer psychology.
15 Varun Sharma Guide Sustainability in supply chain, Supply chain resilience, Risk Management in supply chain, Digital supply chain.
16 Muneza Kagzi Guide Board diversity,Sustainability,Strategic Orientation,Innovation,Machine Learning and AI, Gender diversity
17 Vijay Victor Guide Behavioural Economics, Macro Economics ,Micro Economics
18 Kadumbri Kriti Randev Guide Strategic human resource management,Employee voice and silence behaviours,Designing sustainable HRM systems, Organizational ethical climates : manifestations and outcomes, Employee well – being and performance, Antecedents and consequences of innovative work behaviour.
19 Lakshminarayana Kompella Guide Digital Transformation, Socio- technical systems, Innovation,E-governance,Energy systems.
20 Ganesh Balasubramanian Guide Supply chain Management,Game Theory, Operations Management,Analytical modelling,Optimization techniques.