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Faculty Guides

Sl. No Name Guide/Co-Guide Area
1 Simon George Guide Brand Management, Services Marketing, Marketing
2 Jayanthi Thanigan Guide Marketing
3 Mukta Srivastava Guide Customer Engagement, Customer Brand Management, Electronics word-of-mouth, (eWOM), Influence Marketing, Brand Loyalty
4 Karthikeya Bolar Pramoda Guide Information Systems and Technology, Data Science and Analytics
5 Madhu Veeraraghavan Guide Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing, Behaviour Finance
6 Amol S Dhaigude Guide Supply Chain Management,
Service Operations Management,
Tourism Supply Chain Management, Behavioral Operations Management, Case Study Method
7 Tathagata Ghosh  Guide Online Marketing/Digital Communication Channels, Travel and Tourism Marketing, Product Placements, Packaging
8 Vasanth Kamath Guide Applied System Dynamics, Event and Tourism Management and Sustainability of Rural SMEs
9 Krishna Prasad Guide Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Asset Pricing, Sentiment Analysis, Corporate Finance, Banking
10 Sudhindra S Guide Knowledge Management and Operations Management
11 Bhawana Guide Physical Attractiveness, Gender Diversity, Family-friendly policies
12 Navaneetha Krishnan S Guide Strategy(Business and Management), Technology Management, Crisis , Uncertainty and Risk Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, New Product Development
13 Abhishek Kumar Rohit Guide Monetary Economics, Financial economics, International Economics, Financial Markets
14 Murchhana Tripathy Co-Guide Recommender Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining.