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PGDM-Human Resources


In today’s knowledge economy, people are the prime resource to create sustainable competitive advantage. Given this, there is a huge demand for HRM professionals who act as business partners and make strategic implementation a reality. Today in India, there is a visible premier HRM talent shortage due to very few institutes offering quality HRM education. TAPMI’s PGDM (HR) addresses this market gap.

TAPMI SHRM Collaboration

TAPMI in collaboration with SHRM India will train students to take the SHRM Certified Professionals (SHRM CP) Global Certification, the most coveted HRM certification for HRM professionals. TAPMI will embed the content of the certification in the PGDM (HR) program. Of course, each student is responsible for meeting the criteria of SHRM including passing the certification examination.

Program Content

A unique HRM program with a strong focus on Business environment awareness to detect paradigm shifts and need for upgrading human competencies to meet that challenge.

The graduates from this program will be skilled in five strands that make a difference to business –

  1. Leadership competencies including how to use leadership psychometrics, develop leadership competencies and coaching
  2. Use of analytics, evidence based HRM and managing technology
  3. Creating and changing culture for aligning the organization to strategy
  4. Designing, and changing organizational structure to meet strategy using contemporary organizational development (OD) techniques, and
  5. Strong industrial relations and negotiation skills. The progarmme is aimed at students or professionals interested in making a career in HRM domain.

Program Highlights

  • Students will develop leadership competencies through the aegis of TAPMI’s Leadership Assessment and Development Center
  • HRM Students will take up immersive projects in the social sector to develop empathy and social responsibility
  • Students will take up research in a contemporary HRM topic, publish their output and grow to become opinion leaders

TAPMI PGDM HR is the first two year PG Programme in India where the curriculum has been developed in Collaboration with SHRM India and where there is an opportunity for dual certification.

Trimester based Curriculum

The PGDM(HR) is divided into six trimesters spread over two years of the Programme. During the first three terms of the first year, all students study courses related to human resource management with few elementary courses related to other disciplines like Marketing, Operation Management, Information System Management and Finance. The first year covers courses related use of management techniques in business, business communication, basics of people management processes, use of HRM tools and measurement, communication for persuasion and negotiation etc. Students are required to submit a dissertation at the end of first year. Students are expected to publish their work in either scholarly outlet or business outlets.

Students are required to do a project on issues of societal relevance by the end of first year. Students would take up an internship at the end of third trimester and would appear for the SHRM-CP in the beginning of second year. In the second year, students would do detail courses on Marketing, Operation Management, Information System Management, Strategy and Finance, with a focus on how these impact HRM in a company and how HRM can add value to these areas to become a true business partner. In addition, advanced courses on Human Resource Management would also be offered in second year.

Triadic Academic Focus

Today’s organizations increasingly realize the importance of creating value and wealth to the society through effective human resource management practices in order to attract, develop, motivate and retain highly competent and diverse knowledge workforce. While financial, technological and operational resources and capabilities provide short-term competitive advantage to organizations, the achievement of sustained competitive advantage largely depends on the effective management of human resources. Faced with the challenges of globalization, organizations are rapidly expanding beyond the national boundaries with ever increasing complexities ranging from environmental issues to cross-cultural and geo-political issues. Effective management of human resources can help in reorienting the strategic direction of an organization.

Hence, a large number of traditional management practices have either become outdated or required radical changes in the context of global competition, technological revolution and increased mobility of workforce at all levels. Moreover, employment relationship has become a complex phenomenon as it is being regulated by market forces through hyper-competition, international agencies through research, advocacy and sanctions, and at the national level by the governments (both central and state), regulatory, judiciary, trade unions and other civil society organizations.

In this context, the conceptualization and implementation of effective human resource management practices require highly competent human resource professionals who possess holistic understanding of business, society and government and are well-equipped in all the aspects of Human Resource Management. However, the employment market is facing the ironical reality of huge demand as well as acute shortage of competent people managers at all levels.

Thus, the PGDM (HR) programme would strive to develop “People Management” competencies of future HR professionals through courses from Behavioural Discipline (Individual, Team and Leadership Competencies), HRM Discipline (Functional and Strategic HR Competencies), and Institutional Discipline (Employee Relations and Industrial Relations Competencies).

SHRM Global Certification

Founded in 1948, the mission of SHRM is to serve and advance the profession of HRM. SHRM believes in upping the skills of HRM executives by providing extensive research-driven HRM education programs. SHRM’s education program is aligned to global standards and provides the students with a wide range of skills not only in talent areas but also in how business works, creates value and competes. By partnering with SHRM India, TAPMI will gain access to a plethora of knowledge to ensure that the PGDM (HR) students are given contemporary knowledge that will help them to be relevant, excel and create an impact. SHRM CP certification will be a key differentiator for TAPMI students.