When it comes to Prof. R.C. Natarajan, “Unlearning” is also a case-based learning!
In an engaging session organized by the Marketing and General Management forum at TAPMI, Prof. R.C. Natarajan gathered the views of students about their perceptions of unlearning.
He also shared how at most times, what we perceive might not be what the truth actually is. “To have a clear perception, it is necessary to sometimes make bullet points of what actually we have and what can be changed to see it in a new way”, Prof. R.C. Natarajan said.

Moving ahead, he spoke more about perception and enlightened the audience as he differentiated between ‘Buying and being sold’. Buying is what one chooses as per ones will and being sold is what another person is able to make him do. Prof. Natarajan stressed on learning adaptability and how welcoming new thoughts and ideas is an integral part of unlearning which is never about formatting and forgetting but is about setting aside previous learnings in the memory.

With reference to the Beer Game – a simulation game for Distribution Management, Prof. R.C. Natarajan where the purpose is to understand the distribution side dynamics of a supply chain. Unlearning for life follows the same principle of understanding the volatility of different aspects in ones environment and being able to balance it.

Based on a caselet, Prof. Natarajan asked students about how many perceptions a person can actually have, and how there is a huge gap between words and deeds of many people just because they are taught one way. Eventually their learning somehow becomes something else.

We have always been taught to follow what are parents and teachers have taught us and we lack the basic ability to question why. “Elders are always right” might not always be true said Prof. Natarajan.

Learning happens when one observes and adds additional information to it. Once these elements are assimilated into the brain, framing begins which creates a particular image of that person. This framing may or may not be accurate as it is based on our selective perceptions.

In his closing remarks, Prof. Natarajan said that “Unlearning for Life” is only possible when one comes out of his comfort zone and moves from his cocoon to the meadows. He encouraged students to take up things that scare them. Only then, they can understand what accomplishment really means.

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