TAPMI hosted Ms. Shambhavi Mishra, the Deputy Chief Manager from Brand Capital India as a part of the expert talk series. Ms. Shambhavi has worked with some of the big names in the industry like IBM Global Services, Mckinsey and Boston Analytics. Her experience in the companies mentioned includes significant contributions to strategy, client management and business development. In her interaction with the students of TAPMI, she expressed her passion for entrepreneurship. She spoke about the increasing relevance of technology in today’s world and the means of leveraging the same to make a sustainable business model. Her career path has seen a right mix of technical and functional roles. In many ways, this has been one of the biggest reasons for her firm belief in the power of technology and its ability to enhance an organization’s success in today’s fast paced world. Technology has become a must for the managers of today’s world, as it would help them explore opportunities that earlier seemed impossible. Ms Shambhavi also stressed on the fact that marketing concepts and frameworks are outdated primarily as the world is moving at a very fast pace. With changing demands of the business and new opportunities surfacing, the frameworks of the past are no longer relevant. Hence, she strongly advocated that businesses use digital marketing to improve their existing business models. Digital marketing ensures that organizations are able to provide higher levels of engagement to their customers, provide a greater reach in terms of the audience targeted in a highly cost-effective manner. Overall, the session was highly insightful to the students of TAPMI. Ms. Shambavi ensured that her interaction with the students was a fruitful one as they were able to fully appreciate the benefits of technology as an enabler for businesses.

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