Mr. Winston Derosario, Director of People and Culture, Grant Thornton, enthralled the students of TAPMI by discussing the principles of deciding on new age perks to motivate new generation employees.

He kick-started the discussion by inviting individual views on appealing perquisites. These ranged from funding innovation and job satisfaction to golf club memberships and paid vacations.Using interesting pictures of major events and places from the past and present, he made students express, understand and appreciate the transformation at the work place. He highlighted the major change areas – individual expression, upper hand of talent and disruption to development.

After discussing the motivating factors of the audience, he explained Dan Pink’s theory of motivation which advocates autonomy, mastery and purpose. He then went on to explain why it is important to understand these in the context of perquisites. He elicited responses from students in such a way that they clearly understood the relevance of his speech. He said, an organization has to be sensitive to the moment in time (since the lapse of time causes generation gaps), cultural and other differences in people and the power of an individual. He also mentioned that the culture of the organization and the relevance of the perquisite in question are also important factors to consider before doling out perks to employees.

He strongly advocated against competitive benchmarking or looking at what others are doing and blindly implementing the same. He stressed on the importance of looking within the organization, introspecting and asking the employees before deciding on a perquisite.He advised finance people to question HR people and challenge the belief of a perk with a view to understand and not to prevent its implementation. He also advised HR people to practice internal benchmarking rather than comparison and have conviction and strength in their responses to the questions of the finance people.

After a round of questions and answers, he summarized the key take-aways and concluded his speech by requesting for feedbacks and encouraging students to keep in touch with him through social media.

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