The session began with a warm welcome and introduction of the esteemed guests Mr. Narayan Hegde, DGM – HR, Hinduja Global Services and Mr. Nishant Singh, Senior Manager-Talent Acquisition, Hinduja Global Services. The guests started the lecture in a unique way by asking the audience to share their expected takeaways from the session. The audience duly shared the questions which they expected to get answered by the end of the session. The questions included, the best HR practices followed by HGS, the challenges faced by human resource team of HGS, post-acquisition of Mphasis – a telecom company, the skillsets which are required in employees of HGS and how data sensitivity is maintained in HGS.

Mr. Narayan Hegde started the presentation by giving us an overview of the history of the Hinduja Global Services. He went on to explain how the company, which started with around 20 people in the year 2000, now has an employee base of more than 35000. He also explained the organization structure of HGS in detail. His next focus was on the main area of interest of HGS which is to provide customer care service to some of the world’s respected brands in various sectors like telecommunication, retail, banking healthcare etc. His presentation mostly concentrated on the service provided by HGS in healthcare sector. He went to inform us that HGS provides health insurance service to five of the fortune 500 companies which are based in USA.

Mr. Hegde emphasized on the importance of the customer centric approach of HGS. He went on to explain how this approach has helped them in retaining customers for 15 years. He later spoke of the skills that HGS looks for in potential employees. He stressed on the fact that, the employees must be able to break through the thought process of the customers and connect better with them. He explained the importance of innovation in organization to sustain the immense competition.

Mr. Hegde then spoke of the challenges an organization faces post-acquisition. The main challenge is the alignment of culture. When the company acquires another company, the alignment of matrix structure becomes very crucial. It is very important to find the middle ground for both the companies to work as a single entity with the same set of rules and regulations being adopted in an entire organization.

Speaking of the best HR policies and the practices to uphold data sensitivity, Mr. Nishant Singh explained that the employees are hired and trained for six months before making them business ready. To ensure data sensitivity, the employees are refrained from carrying electronic gadgets inside the workstation. The company follows two levels of access restriction policies. The first one is the HGS access to the employees and after the through background check of the employees the client access is given. Mr. Hegde and Mr. Singh concluded the session by patiently answering the questions posed by audience.

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