In a session which was aimed at educating the students of TAPMI about stock markets and investment options, Mr. Bharat Dave began by giving a brief history of stock exchanges followed by that of the Bombay Stock Exchange.

He discussed the rights, benefits and classes of investment, the working of the National and Bombay Stock Exchanges and some functions of the stock exchange market. He elaborated as to how stock exchanges were always in place in the ancient times, during the time of barter system in the human civilization. Talking about the BSE, he said that it is the oldest exchange in Asia, has the maximum number of companies listed and is the first company to be recognized by the India Government under The Securities Contract (Regulation) Act.

Taking the discussion further, he elaborated the various advantages of trading at stock exchanges. He said, investing in stock markets provides liquidity, safety, returns on investments and tax saving benefits to an investor. He also discussed as to why one should invest in the stock market, giving reasons that it helps earn returns on our idle resources, it is a sound source of income, helps beat inflation, and provides safety against an uncertain future. For this purpose, he said that it is important that prospective investors have a sound knowledge of the investments that they make, spend only what is left after saving, engage in a good and sound financial planning, and also understand the tax implications of the same.

He then went ahead and discussed the principles of safe investments that one should keep in mind before investing in a stock market. He also spoke about the types of stock market, trade and settlement processes and the rights of an investor. Further, he gave the students a brief idea about mutual funds and various investment strategies. At the end of the lecture, he spoke about the new initiatives taken in the interest of investors.

He ended his speech with a quote, “Don’t go for the job, but create the job.”

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