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SCOPE 2018


Flagship Event – C.L.A.W. (Convenient location for advanced warehousing)

Traditionally, the fiscal costs have predominantly determined the supply chain configuration. Hence, organisations tend to have a supply chain structure that is more distributed and fragmented. However, after implementation of GST the companies are moving towards a central warehousing system so as to utilize the benefits of the single tax regime and optimize the movement of goods. To provide a better insight on this t rend we are organizing C.L.A.W. The idea behind this event is to apprise the students with the Advantages and Problems that India possess with respect to Operations, Supply Chain Management and warehousing due to implementation of GST.

A government conglomerate operates across the nation and is active in the fol lowing industry sectors.

  • FMCG
  • Clothing and apparels
  • Pharmaceuticals and health care
  • Retailing
  • Consumer durables

In this challenge, students in a team of two or three would have to represent the company from these sectors and will have to pitch in front of a panel of Judges about the central warehousing location they will choose for their operations.

What should the proposal include?

Some of the key impact areas that can be considered while justifying their choice are as fol lows:

  • Supply chain network
  • Inventory Management
  • Strategic sourcing and procurement
  • Logistics
  • Sales and operations management
  • Chanel management

There would be an initial screening for this event and only top four teams would be presenting in front of the guests during SCOPE 2018.

Animus (Intra College Case-Study Competition)

A real time problem being faced by an industry would be given to the students in the form of a case. Students will have to come up with a solution methodology in the initial round. Professors , based on the solution given by the teams, will give mentoring sessions to the finalist teams. Student s across disciplines will participate in this event and will use different approaches for solving the problem to showcase their analytical rigour . This would be a team event and only top three/four teams would be presenting their analysis to the judges during SCOPE 2018.


The Inopsitive is an operations based quiz competition which is conducted with a view of providing the students a plat form to showcase and enhance their knowledge. Quest ions would be made a little gripping and fascinating but entirely within the purview of Operations domain. There would be two rounds in this quiz with increasing difficulty levels after each round. Quest ion formats would be designed in a way that will push the students to think deep to unmask the answers. Students will participate in a team of two. The quiz relates business with operations knowledge and is not l inked to theoretical knowledge solely, but emphases on business acumen related to Operations and Supply chain .

Interaction Series

Wordsworth – Guest lecture series

This event , taking i ts nomenclature inspiration from the British poet – consists of interactive lectures/ seminars, delivered by eminent industry guests aimed at giving students as well as the faculty an opportunity to know the industry from the perspective of Operations. The industry experts from various facets of the same would be delivering sessions to the students on various intricacies corresponding to their industry. The knowledge transfer from the industry experts to the students gives students an opportunity to understand the various t rends that are being adopted in the industry. Adding to the knowledge dissemination, SCOPE 2018 heralds the debut of highly interactive cohort sessions aimed towards the same goal of educating new minds with the complete deconstructed knowhow of the industry. The students bombard the guests with various queries and the guests shed light on the

SOCIUS – Panel Discussion Series

Socius is the informative series in S.C.O.P.E wherein 4 industry experts discuss about a common topic through panel discussion moderated by one of our esteemed faculty. The topic for the discussion this year is “ Suppl y Chain 3 . 0 – How to thrive in an age of Disruption” which describes how we are at the transition point between business revolutions, migrating from the Industrial model to the Internet of Everything. This series is mainly aimed to provide insights into the current happenings of the industry to the students.

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3rd & 4th Feb, 2018

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