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  • Rajiv V Shah is a Professor and Chairperson-Finance Area at TAPMI. He joined TAPMI in October 2007. He was awarded his PhD from TISS, Mumbai and is a Fellow of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India. He is also a Certified Forensic Accounting Professional.
  • In TAPMI, he has been associated with various administrative roles such as Placements, Summer Internship and Alumni relations.
  • Prior to joining TAPMI, Rajiv Shah worked for 16 years in private as well as government sectors. He was an international financial researcher for 2 years at CIFAR Emerging Capital Markets Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad and thereafter joined the Income Tax Department. Out of the 14 years in the department, he was a faculty member in the Staff Training Unit/Regional Training Institute for about 7 years in the areas of Assessment, Interpretation of Accounting Statements, specific areas of Direct Tax Laws, etc
  • He is actively involved in the field of Executive Education in the areas of Accounting, Taxation and Strategic Finance.


  •  Management Accounting and Control, Financial Advising, Wealth Management, Taxation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Statement Analysis.


  •  Areas of Interest: Taxation, Environmental Policy.


  • Shah, R. V. (2014).

    “Exploring the need for direct tax incentives for plastic waste management in India” L. Kreiser, S. Lee, K. Ueta, J. E. Milne, & H. Ashiabor (Eds.), Environmental Taxation and Green Fiscal Reform: Theory and Impact (Vol. XIV., pp. 260–269). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. (Book chapter)

  • Shah R. V. (2013)

    “Direct Tax Incentives and Plastic Waste-To-Fuel Businesses”, TAPMI Working Paper No. TWP 92/2012-13

  • Shah, R. V. (2010),

    “Green Taxes”, Research Bulletin, Vol. XXXIV, 2010, pp32-34, ICAI (NPRJ).

    Executive Education

    Indicative list of MDP/EEPs involved with at TAPMI as coordinator / resource person:

  • Management Accounting Courses for working professionals at TAPMI Centre for Executive Education, Bangalore
  •  Coordinated workshop on TDS and GST issues for educational institutions
  • Coordinated MDPs on Effectiveness through Accounting
  • Coordinated MDPs on Costing and Pricing strategies
  • Coordinated MDPs on Direct Taxes and Profit Planning
  • Resource person for ‘Workshop on Finance’ for Heads of Institutions of Manipal University.
  • Resource person for 2-day trainings for Oracle employees in basics of Finance and Marketing.
  • Resource person for the trainings for C.A. students conducted by the ICAI, Udupi Chapter.

Conferences and Workshops

    Conferences Organized:

  • Chaired the ‘International Conference on Accounting and Finance’ (ICAF 2011) held at TAPMI, Manipal in March 2011
  • Coordinated ‘Kshamta’, the colloquium on Microfinance and livelihoods, held at TAPMI in January 2008.
  • Conference Presentations:

  • Shah, R. (2013) “Direct Tax Incentives and Plastic Waste-to-Fuel Businesses” 14th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation, October 2013, Kyoto. Japan.
  • Shah, R. (2012) “Conversion of plastic waste into more useful products – Need for a direct tax support policy in India” International Conference on Inclusive and Sustainable Growth(ISG-2012), October 2012, Pune.
  • Shah, R. (2012) “Income tax incentives and Plastic Waste-To-Energy Converters”, Yale-Great Lakes 7th International Research Conference, December 2012, Chennai.
  • Shah, R. (2010),“Examining the role of Direct Taxes in Non Bio-degradable Waste Management in India”, Global Conference on Environmental Taxation, Bangkok.
  • Shah, R. (2009), “Direct Taxes and Environmental Issues”, International Conference on Environmental Issues in Emerging and Advanced Economies: Canada, India, Ahmedabad, 2009.
  • Seminars/ Workshops:

  • Regular participant at the ‘Practitioners’ Seminar on Wealth Management’ organized by the CFA Institute, India, at Mumbai from 2016 to 2018
  • Completed the Faculty Certificate in Online Teaching from GlobalNxt University in May, 2016.
  • AACSB Assurance of Learning Seminar organized by AACSB International at Bali, Indonesia in March 2014.
  • Attended the Participant-Centered Learning Seminar organized by HBS and CSRI at IIM Bangalore in January, 2013.
  • FICCI-IBA Conference on “Global Banking: Paradigm Shift” (FIBAC 2011) Theme: Productivity and Excellence, Mumbai in August 2011.
  • Attended the seminar on “GST and Beyond” organized by CII-IL at Chennai in February 2010.
  • Completed the Certified Forensic Accounting Professional Course from Indiaforensic Center of Studies, Pune in 2010.
  • Attended the Case Writing and Teaching Workshop conducted by ECCH at Vishakhapatnam in February 2009.
  • Attended the Vth Advanced Reflective Training on Microfinance and Micro Insurance at the Tata-Dhan Academy, Madurai in December 2007.
  • Others:

    Reviewing/ Editorial Board activities:

  • Reviewer for Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies Journal from EmeraldInsight.
  • Member of MUP Editorial Board
  • Completed the Faculty Certificate in Online Teaching from GlobalNxt University in May, 2016


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