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ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, Chairperson Gender Harassment and Prohibition committee  & Co-Chair TCIG & C


Strategy and General Management




  • Purnima Venkat is a social development professional who has been working in various sectors and across various geographies since 2007. She has rich experience in the areas of micro-entrepreneurship, rights of marginalized sections, creation of small enterprises and renewable energy. She has been engaged in the field of academia since 2015 and has created her niche in the area of experiential learning. At TAPMI, she is the Co-Chair of the TAPMI Centre for Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness and works closely with field level stakeholders across sectors to forward the agenda of sustainability in businesses.


  • Prof. Purnima has taught multiple course in the areas of community development, public health, project management and organisational behaviour. At TAPMI, she is currently teaching ‘Sustainability, Responsibility & Managerial Ethics. She is also the Coordinator for the Society, Environment, Values and Attitudes (SEVA) Course where students and faculty work directly with field stakeholders on live projects across the local community and provide business/ process solutions to problems.


    Purnima Venkat has a research interest in the following areas

  • Sustainability
  • Social Development
  • Gender Issues
  • Economic Empowerment and Management


  • Co-authored and published an opinion paper titled ‘Barriers to Education’ a document
    on best practices, in Inclusive Education in South Asia in EENET
  • Conducted desk reviews and co-authored final evaluation report of five project
    partners of ‘Help A Child Of India Foundation’ (2013), including 
    • Bethel Agricultural Fellowship, Salem 
    • Divine Fellowship, Kolkata 
    • Gerizim Rehabilitation Trust, Bangalore 
    • Maharashtra Fellowship for Deaf, Pune 
    • The Society for the care of the Handicapped, Thoothukudi District 

  • Co-authored an introduction paper titled, ‘Primary School Mathematics Education –Akshara Ganitha: A Math Intervention’ for the Akshara Ganitha mathematics kit, by Akshara Foundation for their primary school program 
  • Co-authored a block education report for Mundargi Block, Gadag District, Karnataka for the primary school intervention by Akshara Foundation, Bangalore

Conferences and Workshops

    Conference Paper Presentations

  • Delivered a talk on ‘Women and their struggles in the academic profession – a discussion on lived experiences’ – in the National Seminar on Inclusive Education organised by the Social Work Department, Rani Chennamma University, Belagavi, 2018
  •  Panelist in the Panel on Child Rights, National Seminar organised by St. Aloysius College, Mangalore and spoke on the issue of – ‘Needs of a child from a parental perspective’, 2018.
  •  Delivered a talk on the ‘Protection of the Child – a social endevour’ in the National Seminar organised by SDM PG College of Arts, Ujire, Dharmasthala
  • Panelist in the Panel on the Right to Health, National Seminar organised by St. Aloysius College, Mangalore and spoke on the issue of – ‘Public perceptions towards government healthcare services’, 2017
  •  Presented a paper on the issues of migrant communities in Manipal/ Udupi region titled – ‘The hidden millions’, 2017 organized by the Manipal College for Humanities, MAHE, Manipal.
  • Professional Development Activities (Attending Seminars/Workshops etc)

  •  Attended the National Women’s Science Congress organised by the Government of India, 2017.
  •  Successfully completed an online course on Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, (Coursera, 2018)
  •  Attended the national workshop on Survey Research and Statistical Analysis, conducted by the Department of Statistics, Prasanna School of Public Health, MAHE, Manipal, 2018
  •  Attended and successfully completed the Certificate Course of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Methodology conducted by the Department of Statistics, Prasanna School of Public Health, MAHE, Manipal, 2017
  •  Attended and successfully completed the Summer School on Qualitative Research Methods for Health Sciences conducted by the Transdisciplinary Centre for Qualitative Methods in associated with Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 2018.
  • MDPs/EEPs

  •  Conducted inclusion and diversity training for organizations such as Accenture, Mindtree, Infosys, Dell and Wipro in 2011.
  •  Created a well-researched and relevant document titled ‘Advocacy Tool Kit’ for persons with disabilities with Leonard Cheshire Disability, South Asia Regional Office, on current laws, by-laws and provisions for the disabled in the state of Karnataka with reference to India’s ratification of the UNCRPD, 2008. This document is widely being used by Viklang Manchas across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for advocacy and policy change.
  •  Conducted impact assessments, mid-term and end-term evaluations for large scale organizations, across various locations in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, for projects funded by USAID, Department for International Development (DfID), U.K., Sight Savers, U.K. and UNESCO Tsunami relief project.
  •  Conducted end-term evaluation of earthquake rehabilitation intervention by ActionAid, India in Pulwama, Baramullah, Kupwara and Ur Valley, Kashmir.
  •  Assisted in fund raising efforts through rich contributions to proposal development with specific expertise in preparing tools such as log frame, process chart, action plans, budgets, Gantt charts and problem trees for analysis for NGOs, from donors such as Accenture, Nirmithi Kendra, Tata Power, Udupi Power Corporation Limited, Department of Science and Technology, GoI, Indian Council for Medical Research and Indian Council for Social Science Research, GoI.
  •  Created sales & marketing training and business communication literature for PRACTO, Bangalore.
  •  Managed experiential learning process through concurrent fieldwork of social work students in NGOs on issues varying from clean energy, livelihoods, health, issues of migrant communities and financial inclusions and literacy.
  •  Conducted financial literacy, financial inclusion and entrepreneurship development training for micro entrepreneurs in association with organizations such as Best Practices Foundation, Dharwad, Self Employed Women’s Association, Gujarat, and Centre for Disability in Development, Bangladesh.
  •  Conducted awareness trainings on banking needs for micro-entrepreneurs amongst bankers, organized by NABARD and Syndicate Bank, Karnataka, 2016.
  • Conducted team building, leadership, capacity building activities for corporate and NGO professionals across various locations in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
  • Instrumental in leading projects focused on financial inclusion and entrepreneurship development in difficult terrains such as Kalahandi, Odisha, Jaffna, Sri Lanka, Parts of North east India.
  •  Conducted Social Audits and Participatory Rural Appraisals across resource deprived locations, such as Pabna district, Bangladesh, Central Rajasthan, India and amongst the vulnerable, distressed migrants, as well as tribal Koraga population in Udupi district.


  • R.D. Tata Scholarship for academic excellence for two years consecutive in M.A, TATA Institute of Social Sciences
  • Loreto College Gold Medal (2005) and Gold Medal for General Proficiency in
    Bachelor’s Degree, Loreto College consecutively for 3 years

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