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MBA. (Finance), Ph.D. (Accounting & Finance)


  • Prince is a post graduate from National Institute of Technology-Kurukshetra and a Ph.D. (Thesis Submitted) from Indian Institute of Technology-Roorkee. He has cleared UGC-JRF(Commerce) and UGC Net(Management).


  • Management Accounting; Financial Statement Analysis


  • Fair Value Measurement, Audit Quality, Audit analytics, IFRS,


  • Nitin Simha Vihari, M K Rao and Prince Doliya (2018). “Organisational Learning as an Innovative Determinant Of Organisational Sustainability: An Evidence-Based Approach.” International Journal of Innovation Management. ABDC-B.
  • Doliya, P. and Singh, J.P., 2015. On the Implications of Fair Value Based Merger Accounting. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 189, pp.356-361.
  • Prince Doliya and Jatinder P. Singh., 2016. An Interpretive Structural Modeling Approach to Analyze the Interaction between Factors of the Fair Value Measurement Audit Process. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting: Fall 2016, Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 37-48.
  • Singh, J. P., & Doliya, P. (2015). On the audit of fair value measurements. Ekonomski horizonti, 17(1), 59.
  • Doliya, P. and Singh, J.P., 2016. Analysing the fair value measurement audit process using interpretive structural modelling: an empirical study. International Journal of Management Practice, 9(3), pp.302-316.
  • Doliya, P. and Singh, J.P. (2016). Auditing Fair Value Measurements: A Systematic Review and Meta-Synthesis. (Under Review)
  • Doliya, P. and Singh, J.P. (2017). Demonstrating the Implication of IAS 19 in Contemporary Accounting scenario: A Case Study Approach (Under Review)

Conferences and Workshops

  • Doliya, P. and Singh, J.P. (2016). Auditing Fair Value Measurement: A Developing Country Evidence, International conference on financial markets and corporate finance (ICFMCF-2016), IIT Madras, August 12th-13th, 2016.
  • Doliya, P. and Singh, J.P. (2016). The Curious Case of Pension Accounting, Full paper in conference proceeding (ISBN: 978-974-231-893-2) of NIDA International Business Conference 2016 – Sustainability in business, Bangkok, Thailand, 12th March 2016.
  • Doliya, P. and Singh, J.P. (2016). Accounting for Post-Retirement Benefit: A Case study approach. MDC & VRS 2016, VGSOM IIT Kharagpur, February 11th-12th, 2016.
  • Doliya, P. and Singh, J.P. (2015). Fair Value Measurement and Accounting: An auditor’s perspective. Full Paper on CD (ISBN No. 978-81-929149-2-3.) of Global Conference on Managing in Recovering Markets, MDI Gurgaon, March 11th – 13th, 2015
  • Reviewer

  • – International Journal of Economic and Finance (IJEF) (ISSN- 1746-8809) published by Canadian Center of Science and Education.- (


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