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Human Resource Management


MBA- Personnel Management, LLB, Ph D (IIT, Kharagpur)


  • Dr Debendra Prasad Kar, a seasoned HR and OD professional has a total experience of 31 years with a happy blending of industry and academics.
  • Dr Kar has 21 years of varied experience in industries like Mining, Manufacturing, Banking, Oil and Gas and Infrastructure.
  • He has excellent command in designing and implementation of tailor-made OD intervention programs for organizations including competency mapping and profiling.
  • During the last 11 years of his corporate tenure he was a member of the CXO team.
  • He has moved to academics in the year 2013 and served as a faculty member in two premier B Schools.


  • Human Resource Management


  • Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, Transformational Leadership


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  • Paper entitled “Designing Performance Management System (PMS) as a Strategic Business Tool” published in the article bound of a National Symposium on PMS organized by IPE, Hyderabad in Sept 2003.

  • Case study on Performance Management published in “HRD Initiative 2004” edited by Mr Parthasarathi and Mr Mahaveer Verma in 2004.

  • Sandhya Kar and Dr D P Kar: Employee Empowerment- A Competitive Advantage published by NIPM in their national symposium, Hyderabad 2010.

  • Uma Seshadri and Dr D P Kar: Work life conflict and flexible work arrangement that aid work life balance – perception of working women in dual career family, Prerana, Journal of Management thought and Practice, Issue 1, Volume 4, March 2012.

  • “Process Manual of a Mentoring Program”- Paper published in Contemporary Issues in Human Resources Management published by P G Department of Personnel Management And Industrial Relations, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.

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Conferences and Workshops

  • Uma Seshadri & Debendra P Kar: Influence of coping strategies on work life balance : perceptions of working women executives in Indian dual earner scenarios, “Contemporary Business 2012”, 6th International Conference, convened by IIT Delhi-Curtin University(USA), 22-23 Oct 2012, Delhi, India.

  • Uma Seshadri & Debendra Kar (2012). Study of Perceptions of Indian Working Women on Work Life Conflict, Flexible Work Arrangements and Organizational Policies that influence their Work Life Balance, “Global Business-Opportunities & Challenges”,6th International Conference, 22-23 Nov 2012, PESIT, Bangalore, India.


  • Qualified UGC- NET

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