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Strategy and General Management


Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi); M.Tech. (Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta); B.Tech. (National Institute of Technology, Calicut).


  • Dr. Arindam Das, a practitioner-academic, is a professor in the area of Strategic Management at TAPMI. For over two decades Arindam worked in various functional and leadership roles at leading technology consulting organizations. His work with large global clients in the manufacturing and financial services sector involved complex, turn-key engagements.In addition to teaching courses on strategic management at a few leading B-schools, Dr. Das has trained practicing executives on specific aspects of strategy development and implementation.  His academic research work in the areas of corporate governance, M&A / EJV performance, competitiveness, technology innovation, and manufacturing supply chain have been published in peer-reviewed journals or as book / book chapters. He is a certified PMP from Project Management Institute, and a certified Independent Director from Institute of Directors. 


  • Strategic Management; International Business; Digital Transformation.


    Research Papers

  • Robotic Process Automation: Assessment of the Technology for Transformation of Business Processes, International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management, 9(3), 220-230, 2019
  • Biased Decisions on IT Outsourcing: How Vendor Selection Adds Value, Journal of Business Strategy, 39(5), 31-40, 2018.
  • Capability Development in Dynamic Business Environment: A Framework for Practitioners, IIM Shillong Journal of Management Science, 9(1), 14-19, 2018.
  • Relevance of Country-level Competitiveness Indexes in Asian Economies: A Critical Review, Asian Journal of Empirical Research, 7(5), 96-112, 2017.
  • Determinants of Acquisitions in Chinese Technology Firms: An Empirical Investigation, Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration, 8(2), 127-142, 2016.
  • Linking Succession Planning to Organizational Strategy: A Prescriptive Framework, Indian Journal of Training and Development, 46(3), 31-38, 2016
  • Role of Corporate Governance on Firm Performance: A Study on Large Indian Corporations after Implementation of Companies’ Act 2013, Asian Journal of Business Ethics, 5(1), 149-164, 2016
  • Achieving Total Financial Inclusion through Electronic Records of Residence: Lessons from Tripura, ASCI Journal of Management, 45(2), 1-19, 2016
  • Inorganic Growth of Technology Sector Firms in Emerging Markets: Influence of Firm-Specific Factors in Indian Firms’ M&A Activities, International Journal of Emerging Markets, 10(1), 52-72, 2015
  • Explaining M&A Performance: A Review of Empirical Research, Journal of Strategy and Management, 5(3), 284-330, 2012
  • Analysis of Cross-Border and Domestic M&A Deals in Technology Sector in India and China, Journal Transnational Corporations Review, 3(2), 148-163, 2011
  • Product Failure Root Cause Analysis During Warranty Analysis for Integrated Product Design and Quality Improvement for Early Results in Downturn Economy, International Journal of Product Development, 12(3-4), 235-253, 2010
  • Book

  • Corporate Governance in India (in press), Publisher: Routledge (Taylor and Francis), UK, 2019.
  • Book Chapters.

  • Emerging Themes in Strategy, Eds.: Pillania, R, Bhandari, N, Dasgupta, M., Chapter: “Explaining Post-Acquisition Performance: A Structural Equation Model Approach on M&A Performance in Emerging Markets” (published by McGraw-Hill India), 2016
  • Managing in Recovering Markets, Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics, Eds.: Chatterjee, S., Singh, N.P., Goyal, D.P., Gupta, N., Chapter 34: “Role of Technology Innovation in Managing through Business Cycles: A Study on Indian ICT Firms” (published by Springer India), 2015
  • Cases

  • Royal Enfield – An Epic Journey at Crossroads, Case Centre Case Id: 318-0270-1, 2018
  • Securing Country’s Energy Futures: Coal India’s Strategic Pursuits, Case Centre Case Id: 317-0054-1, 2017
  • NTPC: Growth Challenges in Changing Environment, Case Centre Case Id: 316-0427-1, 2016


  • Performance of family businesses and SMEs; Socio-cognitive aspects of decision-making; Motives and performance of cross-border M&A and joint ventures; Technology-led business model innovation

Conferences and Workshops

  • Academy of International Business (AIB) Annual Conference, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, “Manufacturing Value Networks of Multinationals: How Digital Technologies are Reshaping the Relationships Embedded in the OLI Paradigm”, 2019
  • IIBG Annual Academia Industry Conference, Open University, Hong Kong, “Journey Towards Circular Economy: From Sustainability Reporting to Business Model Transformation”, 2018.
  • 4th FLAME International Conference on Research & Teaching Cases, 2018, FLAME Univ., Pune, “An Epic Journey at Crossroads – The Roadmap for Royal Enfield”, 2018.
  • Conference on Emerging Themes in Strategy, 2016, MDI, Gurgaon, “Explaining Post-Acquisition Performance: A Structural Equation Model Approach on M&A Performance in Emerging Markets”, 2016.
  • Global Conference on Managing in Recovering Markets 2014, MDI, Gurgaon, “Role of Technology Innovation in Managing through Business Cycles”, 2014.
  • India Finance Conference 2012, IIM Calcutta, “Inorganic Growth of Technology Sector Firms in Emerging Markets”, 2012.
  • Euro-Asian Entrepreneurship & Management Network Conference, IIFT, Delhi, “Collaborative Innovation in Automotive Product Development”, 2008
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Congress, Sydney, “Customer Value Creation in Outsourced IT / Software Development Projects”, 2008
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Congress, Hong Kong, “Leadership Challenges in Globally Distributed Heterogeneous Project Teams”, 2007.
  • Quality Assurance Institute Conference on Project Management Leadership, Bangalore, “Using Earned Value Management in Software Projects for Monitoring and Control”, 2004.


  • Received “That’s Interesting” award for the research paper on manufacturing value networks at the Academy of International Business annual conference 2019 at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

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