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Experience TAPMI

Your plate is always full at TAPMI – with classes, events, presentations and festivals. Life is exciting, energetic, and full of endless opportunities for intellectual and personal growth. At TAPMI, everything is geared towards the single purpose of making you a responsible leader for the world of business and beyond.

There is a full life outside the four walls of the classroom with enthusiastic students organizing and participating in social, cultural and career related events and activities. Living on campus encourages participation and strengthens relationships, maximizing learning opportunities. A diverse student population of both genders, from different geographies and with varying work experiences, adds an alternative point of view, benefitting the collaborative learning process we practice at TAPMI.

Technology forms the basis of TAMPI’s state of art infrastructure and campus facilities to enable accessibility and sustainability. The city of Manipal provides a uniquely stimulating environment for its natural beauty. A student city set amongst such picturesque surroundings is ‘the’ place for academicians, students, and practitioners to discuss, learn, and ideate.