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Guest Lecture by Mr Raghuveer HR, Sales Director, Dimensions Data India Ltd.

Mr Raghuveer HR, Sales Director at Dimension Data, had an interactive session with the students sharing his experiences in the IT services industry. With a degree in Advanced Management from INSEAD and a PGDM in Marketing Management from University of Mysore, Mr Raghuveer started his career in the field of sales from HCL and later worked his way up through various companies, to become the Sales Director for Dimensions Data India Ltd. The company has a very impressive clientèle comprising of 73% of the global Fortune 100 companies and 59% of the global Fortune 500 companies.

Mr Raghuveer explained strategy as a planned approach to achieve goals. He went in depth in explaining the difference between customer and client and how they impact a business. He kept the session interactive and explained about the strategy which forms the base of the company. Mr Raghuveer had the opinion that a winning business comprises of efficient use of market opportunities, distinctive capabilities and employees passion. According to him, the key factors which play a major role in framing of a strategy are analyzing organization’s mission, vision and value statement, differentiation, Threat and opportunities, Stakeholders expectation, alternatives strategies, operational plan, contingency plan and monitor progress for effectiveness. He also stressed on the point that it is important to use a balanced scorecard to monitor progress of the strategy. He concluded with the note that the only thing that is constant in our lives is change and we should be ready to embrace it as and when it comes.

All in all the experience was extremely enriching for the students. The session came to an end with the Placement Committee of TAPMI sharing the vote of thanks and presenting the guest speaker with a memento on behalf of the TAPMI family.

Sep 2014