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Guest Lecture Session on Data Analytics by Mr Ashok Raman, VP and Global Head – HR, SG Analytics.

On 10th August 2014, Mr Ashok Raman, VP and Global Head – HR, SG Analytics, graced TAPMI by his presence and interaction with the students. An XLRI alumnus, he has 17 years of progressive niche experience in various domains of HR such as Strategic HR, Talent Management, Global Employee Engagement, Talent Management Life cycle (Acquisition-Development-Retention) etc. On this occasion, he conducted an interactive session with the second year students of TAPMI on Data Analytics.

The session started on a general note, with various questions on behalf of Mr Raman regarding the reasons behind students choosing MBA as well as their respective specializations. He encouraged them to reflect on their career choices, and having a 3 year plan at any point of time in their lives. Further, stressed on the importance of understanding the business landscape and following the patterns and trends of the industry.

After this discussion, he moved on to the topic of Data Analytics with the aim of making sure that each student “walked out of the session with a renewed understanding and interest in the subject”. A presentation filled with interesting facts about the data trends of today, from social media websites to consumer surveys to creation of data at business levels, and numbers that actually showed the relative growth of data creation brought home the vast expanse of the industry to the students. The term “Big Data” was thoroughly discussed and explored in great detail by Mr Raman and the students together.
Most importantly, various myths regarding Data Analytics were dispensed by Mr Raman. For example, he stressed on the importance of understanding Analytics irrespective of one’s function. He further went on to say that rather than Analytics being a functional area by itself, it is a highly useful skill that can add value huge value to any function an individual might be working in. A highly-interactive session later, he achieved what he intended to do, and aroused the interest of nearly all the students in the field of Analytics, and left with a promise of encouraging this interest in every way possible.

We hope that this knowledge sharing relationship with Mr Raman continues to be sustained and thank him for his valuable time and insights into the very interesting and relevant field of Data Analytics.

Aug 2014