Government of Karnataka Project: Plastic Waste Management

As part of the Swachh Bharath Abhiyan, T.A PAI Management Institute in collaboration with the Badagabettu Gram Panchayat (Govt of Karnataka) implemented a Plastic Waste Management Program for the houses/shops in the Panchayat with the aim of segregating waste at source.

An awareness campaign was carried out along with the solid waste management team on 12/09/2016. 54 houses were chosen in the Badagabettu Gram Panchayat for the pilot program. 44 out of these 54 houses were covered during the awareness drive. There were several issues encountered during the drive. They were informed to the Panchayat.

We prepared a report and gave a presentation to the DC, Miss. Priyanka Mary Francis, on the secondary research conducted.

The research included details of plastic waste management such as success stories in India, technologies used in developed and developing nations. Two recommendations were given –construction of polymer blended bitumen roads and conversion of plastic into poly-fuel. Post this, we contacted the corresponding organizations, Rudra Environment Solutions and JUSCO, to get details regarding the cost of plant and equipment and provided a cost-benefit analysis. We zeroed in on Rudra to treat waste that cannot be recycled. Another organization, MMR (Mangalore) was contacted to deal with recyclable plastic waste. A Skype session was arranged with the Chairman of Rudra Environment Solutions in which they proposed the manufacture of recyclable plastic sheets, which was preferred by the DC due to the low investment.

We revisited the houses to conduct a survey on waste management (plastic and solid).