Mr. Ashit Ranjan,Vice President, Tecnova Global

The last day of Sophos Series in Disha 2014 witnessed an inviting guest lecture by another ace of consulting firms, Mr. Ashit Ranjan,VP,Tecnova Global. In his talk, he shared his valuable life experiences. He advised the students not to have expectations from their first job and whatever they face, they should learn to make the most it.

By quoting the example of a local vendor influencing customer behavior, he emphasized the importance of practical knowledge that can be acquired from the environment rather than by reading or mugging up books. He explained how a person should learn to make the best use of minimum means provided to him.

The importance for corporate worlds to invest time in easing the unlearning of ‘Mugging framework’ from the minds of students was also stressed upon by him.He concluded the lecture by advising the students to make efforts to deliver consistently. Passion and interpersonal skills will take care of the rest.

Mr. Mohinish Vaidya, Director- HR, UST Global

Mr. Mohinish Vaidya, the director at UST Global, a leading IT services company, delivered a lecture on a very interesting topic namely ‘Attrition’ on 23rd August 2014, as a part of Disha 2014-The Annual HR Conclave of TAPMI.

Mr. Mohinish discussed what attrition means and what are the factors leading to it. “Manager is the main person responsible for controlling attrition”, stated the speaker. He also spoke about the factors that we can control and those that we cannot in terms of attrition. He further went on to explain the concepts of good and bad aspects of attrition

The speaker was charged with energy and enthusiasm which created a stimulating atmosphere for learning and sharing. The Q&A session was very interesting and there were many positive takeaways for the students.

Mr. Suraj Chettri, Head-Human Resources,Airbus

Mr. Chettri started the lecture by quoting a famous movie quote “The Past is history, Future is a mystery and Present is a Gift” captivating the students’ attention instantly. The session was an interactive and insightful one. The crux of his lecture was on how the age group has an effect on the industries and how Gen Y is the future of the corporate world.

Technology according to him is the most important tool for the future of India. Gen Y is a tech savvy generation and hence the future lies in their hands. He went on to predict how technology would have an effect on everything from your learning to your work. The way we define work itself would change. With the changing technology, the demands would change and consequently talent would have to change along with it.

As the famous theory of Maslow says, the highest need of an individual is self-actualization but according to Mr.Chettri, it has now become a basic need. The constant thing in today’s world is disruption. The question that Gen Y would face is: “Should you be passionate about the company or passionate about your job?”

Mr.Chettri reiterated the fact that learning is changing, transforming and becoming delightful with the advent of technology and Gen Y should embrace it, for it is what would decide their future. He ended the lecture the way he started it – motivating the new millennials to excel in the future!

Ms. Vidya Muralidharan,Head HR – After Market, Ashok Leyland

Ms. Vidya Muralidharan, Head HR – After Market, Ashok Leyland Ltd., delivered a guest lecture about “The Talent Management Challenge” on the 23rd of August, 2014. Ms. Muralidharan completed her Postgraduate diploma in Management from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar following which she worked across sectors in various companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Satyam Computer Services, Bharti Airtel Limited and the Murugappa Group of Companies, Orchid Pharma.

The Sophos lecture provided valuable insights while covering various challenges faced by a longstanding Indian organization in the manufacturing sector like Ashok Leyland Ltd. The speaker talked about the evolution of the Indian Commercial Vehicle sector with increasing focus on customer satisfaction, cost-efficiency, technological sophistication and reduced response times. The interactive lecture led to experience sharing on issues of multi-generational employees, gender diversity, and compensation, comparing practices across sectors like manufacturing, IT etc. Ms. Muralidharan’s conversational lecture was especially appreciated by the audience as it provided progressive understanding into a unique section of business in India which was a focused area of interest for a large segment of the student population.

Mr.Nagaraj V, Senior VP & Chief People’s Officer–Aravind Lifestyle Brands and Retail

Mr. Nagaraj V, the senior VP and Chief People’s Officer at Aravind Lifestyle Brands and Retail, delivered a lecture on Aravind Brand and it’s positioning in the Textile Industry on 23rd August 2014, as a part of Disha 2014-The Annual HR Conclave of TAPMI.

Mr. Nagaraj threw light about Aravind brands across India and the world. It has 29 leading brands and is the first and largest manufacturer of Denim. There are too many variables in the textile industry. The variables could be seasonal, occasion, economic conditions etc. So a market leader in this segment like Aravind needs to be able to adapt to changes continuously and swiftly.

In the Q&A session, one of the questions was whether the e-commerce emergence in India was a hindrance to retail outlets. Mr. Nagraj felt that e-commerce was beneficial to its own cause and sees it as an opportunity and not as a threat. Thus the discussion came to an end with the students understanding lots of new things about the textile industry.

Mr.Nagdev B, Director HR –Aptean Global

On 23rd August 2014, Mr. Nagdev B, Director HR at Aptean Global, visited TAPMI to be a part of Disha 2014, India’s largest HR Conclave. Mr. Nagdev has immense experience in the field of Human Resources and has played the Head of the department in many organizations, namely VMware India software ltd., Novell, Microsoft India, NetApp India Private Limited etc. He has tapped into various aspects of HR, such as Employee Relations, Performance Management, Talent Acquisition, Succession Planning, Talent Management, Employee Engagement and Employee Law.

Further, he addressed the students of TAPMI in an interactive session where he talked about his recent projects, and delightfully linked the worlds of Psychology and Human Resources for the students. A healthy interaction ensued, where he meticulously answered each and every doubt of the students and shared his experiences with all of them.

TAPMI hopes that there are further such sessions of learning in the future as well, and thanks Mr. Nagdev for his precious time and effort that he spared for the students here.

Mr.Santosh Mishra, Director-HR, 24×7 Innovation Labs

On 23rd August 2014, TAPMI had the privilege of hosting a guest lecture by Mr. Santosh Mishra, Director-HR, 24×7 Innovation Labs. Mr. Santosh is the HR Leader for Big Data & Predictive analytic business with a view to create, build & sustain a progressive world class HR organization.He has 14 years of experience in global, multinational organizations. He has expertise in Talent Management, Total rewards & Benefits, PMS & HR Services framework. Mr. Santosh is known for his ability to design and deliver HR solutions from ground up and built scalability.

Mr. Santosh Mishra started off by talking about the quick pace at which ideas go viral nowadays when compared to a few years ago. “Success of idea does not depend on how brilliant it is but on how fast it is executed”, said Mr. Santosh. He further added that when ideas become a commodity, its premium goes down. Highlighting various aspects of leadership, he said that success of a business leader depends on the ability to empower one’s team. A leader would have an open mind and create opportunities for others. Advising students to think big, he said that one should chase big ideas and execute those ideas into workable business models.

The session was very interactive and the students of TAPMI got an opportunity to clear their doubts from an industry expert. The enthusiasm of students in the classroom was palpable.

Mr.Parthasarthy, Head-Talent Acquisition–

The students of T.A. Pai Management Institute got a chance to interact with Mr. Parthasarathy Sarangapani, Head – Talent Acquisition at, as a part of Sophos, the Guest Lecture series of Disha 2014. Mr. Parthasarathy is an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur and has worked in organizations such as Omam Consulting, Suvistas, Adecco, Franklin Templeton and Invesco.

Sir shared that is the fastest growing, profitable organization in the digital as well as offline space, catering to different segments of the Indian matrimonial market with products ranging from Rs.3500 to Rs.1 lakh and above. Mr. Parthasarathy mentioned that their organization follows a conservative approach but has a lot of opportunities to capitalize on because, with changing times, is not averse to changing its flavour. Being the first organization to implement Big Data in the true sense, the stay true to their core values of customer focus, innovation, accountability and excellence among others.

Lastly, stating that a vision is an integral part of any organization, Mr.Parathasarathy shared that their vision is to “Build a better Bharath!”

Mr.Om Prakash, VP–HR, Deloitte

Disha 2014 featured yet another enthralling guest talk by Mr. Om Prakash – VP – HR at Deloitte this Saturday. In the talk, Mr. Om Prakash, spoke about inclusiveness in terms of many devices being rolled into the smartphone

He stressed the importance of investing in strengths rather than areas where improvement is a minute possibility. This was followed by a lucid illustration of the practice of achieving alignment between what you like to do, what you to best, and what adds value to the organization

Talking about his very own organization, he emphasized the role of individuals rather than the underlying brand in why customers buy and avail services. While elaborating on how a company must create an atmosphere for leaders to thrive, he noted that being a manager is more mental versus being a leader is much more wholesome.

Towards the end of the talk, Mr. Om Prakash revealed a 10 point agenda for success which in his own words he described as the ‘secret sauce of success.’

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