“Thanks for showing interest in TAPMI. The TAPMI Admission Results 2018-20 are available online. Please follow the login instructions to check your results.

TAPMI received 7982 applications for its PGDM Programs. The planned intake for the PGDM Programs is as follows:

Program Approved Intake Planned Intake
PGDM – General 465 (Domiciled + NRI) 360 Domiciled + 15 NRI
PGDM – BKFS 60 50
PGDM – HR 60 30

The reduced intake is to ensure input quality and provide personal focus to all students. We shortlisted 3200 candidates for the Stage II of Admissions Process and around 2900 candidates appeared for the Stage II of Admissions Process.

Out of the 2900 odd candidates who appeared we have made 570 offers for PGDM-General (both lists included), 130 offers for PGDM-BKFS (both lists included) and 103 offers for PGDM-HR (both lists included). The higher number of offers is to accommodate for withdrawals. We will be separately emailing the offer letter to the selected students. The selected students have time till third week of April to pay the full fees (exact date and process will be provided in the offer letter).

We have also finalized the waitlist (along with the waitlist number for all students) and will be contacting the waitlisted students with offers once the deadline for payment of full fees has lapsed.”

PGDM General Results 2018-20

PGDM General
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PGDM HR Results 2018-20

PGDM General
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PGDM BKFS Results 2018-20

PGDM General
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  1. You need to enter the “TAPMI Application Number” as provided on your Application i.e. “PGDM2018-20/2P/2434” or “PGDM2018-20/7464” or “PGDM2018-20/3P/5375”. The format needs to be exact to access the results.
  2. Your birth date needs to be entered in the “dd/mm/yyyy” format with hyphen ‘/‘ between the dd, mm & yyyy. There should be no spaces in the birth date to access the results.
  3. If you have been offered provisional admission, you will receive the offer letter via email within two days.