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TAPMI is pleased to announce Dr. Chithra Ramakrishnan as Alumnus of the Month – November 2013.

Chithra-Ramakrishnan-AOM-November2013.jpgDr. Chithra Ramakrishnan has great passion towards all forms of Classical dance and music since childhood. She is a vocalist, dance educator, choreographer and a performer. She has been pursuing these art forms for over two decades through her commitment, discipline and dedication to arts.
Blessed with a natural aptitude for art and relentless devotion, Chithra, in her journey as a cultural ambassador has developed herself as an elite and most sought after vocalist in the United Kingdom.
She hopes to strive towards greater excellence in the field of Classical music and dance. Her passion and focus towards these art forms will help her cross borders and widen her perspective in all avenues of life.

Board Director – Dr. Chithra is Artistic Director and Board of Director of ShruthiUK


Her desire to propagate the rich South Indian art forms globally, led her to start ShruthiUK, an artist led non-profit organization in Birmingham. She aims to promote Indian culture and heritage through the Classical Indian music and dance. The prime focus is on Arts Education. –

Creating an ambience for opportunity and growth through training and interactive projects, that thereby enhances creativity and participation. And every one has the opportunity to experience the richness of these art forms in the community and beyond.

She also works as a freelance artist for various Art organizations in the U.K.

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Bachelors in Business Management  (B.B.M) from Mangalore University.  Secured 10th rank in the University.

M.B.A (Finance & Marketing), T. A. Pai. Management Institute, Manipal,  (1991) Karnataka. India

M.B.A (Human Resources), University of Berlin, West Germany (1995)

Doctorate in Management, Washington University, U.S. (2002-2005)

Work Experience:

Dr. Chithra worked as a Junior Finance Executive at Kasturba Medical College and Hospital and as a Purchase Executive at the Special Purchases cell at Dr.T.M.A.Pai Foundation, Manipal between 1991- 1993.

She took classes for M. Tech students of Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal (in Financial Management and Management Accountancy) between 1991-1993.

She is a Director of Chithram Consultants Limited, a company set up for interim start-ups in the West Midlands.

Accreditation & Membership

The Royal Society of Arts, (RSA) London, awarded Fellowship in 2009,in recognition of her commitment & contribution to Arts. She is also a member of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, Solihull Chamber of Commerce,  The UK Association For Music Education, Institute of Asian Business, British Forum of Ethnomusicology, London, The Royal Music Association, London, Arts Development UK, National Dance Teachers Association, (NDTA) London and  Associate member of the British Association for Music Therapy, London.

Key Achievements

Dr. Chithra has been invited by the BBC Radio Bradford, BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Radio WM on several occasions to talk on South Asian dance and music. These included demonstrations and performances in Carnatic Music, Bharatanatyam, Indian Film music and the art of music appreciation. BBC West Midlands and BBC London made a short documentary about Chithra and her British Asian connection ‘Keeping the Culture’. This was to mark the 6o years of Indian Independence. In her interview, Chithra says ‘Staying in touch with her Indian heritage is important to her and teaching Indian dance and music helps her keep her culture alive’.

Her keen interest and dedication, as a dancer, coupled with sincerity and innate talent led her to make her debut performance at the age of 10. She has also accompanied her guru during her performances in Karnataka and Kerala. The Bharatha Natyalaya and Trichy fine Arts awarded her the title ‘Natya Bhooshan’. Performed at the AIR Mangalore as a junior artist in school and college years. She was invited as a guest speaker by one of India’s premier South Asian TV channel (Sun TV) in January 2006. Deepam TV, Europe’s premier Asian TV channel invited Chithra to share her views on the Classical music and Bharatnatyam in 2008. G TV, London in 2013 invited her to share her experience in Tamil Film music.

Film Music

Her passion towards Film music led her to make her debut as a playback singer in Tamil movie in 2005 with musical scores by the noted Music director of South India, Sri Devi Sri Prasad.

She has performed widely in the Middle East and South India during school, colleges and Music and dance festivals, including the All India Radio. Mangalore and has won several accolades.

Other achievements include performances and recitals at prestigious venues and gatherings: (to name a few)

St. Johns University of York to present a lec dem in Bharathanatyam as part of the York Diversity Festival.

The Indian High Commission, London (Nehru Centre), (ICCR).

Barbara Hepworth art gallery in Wakefield on ‘Woman’ – an Infinite Circle, through Classical music and dance.

Arts Ekta of Dublin to perform story telling through dance and music.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Bradford to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Performance at prestigious Theatres include

Stratford Theatre Royal, London,

Al Hambra Theatre, Bradford,

Phoenix Theatre, Leicestershire,

Bingley Hall, Bradford

Invited by the Consul General of India, to perform at Indian High Commission in Birmingham. (to mark the Indian Independence Day celebrations.)

Performs Karaoke and live music shows in Hindi and other South Asian languages throughout U.K. and with leading musicians and musician bands in Chennai.

Regular and sought after performer for all the major Indian associations in the U.K., which includes the World Tamil Organization, London and the Northern Tamil Association in Manchester, Venkateswara temple, Birmingham, Highgate Hill Murugan temple in London.

She has been invited to judge the most popular and prestigious musical talent show in Europe ‘Super Singer UK’.


Her research in music and dance is ongoing and is currently writing a book on ‘Arts and Management’.
Also working on her new music album.

Concerts and Performances

She is blessed with a mellifluous, resonant voice and her command over bhakti (devotion) and clarity in her presentation is highly appreciated by the musicians and the critics.

With a career extending over two decades in the field of music and dance, the countless connoisseurs, and the critical acclaims received in her concerts and performances would bear ample testimony to her arts. She has derived a distinct style of her own, rich with creative and innovative presentation. She has also unfolded the Classic music effectively in all areas including light music and fusion music, besides concert presentation.

She has performed extensively in India, Middle East and at very prestigious gatherings and venues all over the U.K.

Work Experience –Art related

Arts in Education

Help young people and children to experience and get inspired by the rich Indian art forms. Work in partnership with other organizations to create and enable the cultural awareness amongst children and community at large.


ShruthiUK is supported, guided and funded by Arts Council, England, local council and a wide network of art organizations affiliated to the Arts council to deliver workshops, lec dem and organize events.

Workshops and Lec dems

Classical music helps improve one’s scholastic performance.  Music workshops and lec dems include interactive sessions on various topics of interests relating to – Classical, Fusion and Light classical and World music.

 Lec dems in the “Art of storytelling through Bharathanatyam”-(South Indian Classical Dance) has won several acclaims and interest amongst the British and also the Asians in the UK. Her workshops are revitalizing, restructuring and reinterprets the dance and music, with a special focus on yoga (Music and dance therapy projects) and other body and mind conditioning techniques.

In addition to working with children and young adults, she has also worked with special needs group which includes children, adults, teachers and the physically challenged. She has evolved various methodologies, (customized and catered to specific groups) through these workshops and created an awareness to experience the richness of these art forms amongst the community at large.

As a singer, choreographer, a dance & music instructor, she trains students in music and dance at the Trent Indian Cultural Organization (TICO) in Nottingham and in Birmingham.


Born into a family of musicians and with a rich lineage, she comes from a traditional South Indian family. She started her musical career under her mother Smt.Susila Seetharaman, a senior Carnatic vocalist. Her parents encouraged her and provided a favorable ambience to hone her talents under renowned Gurus in Carnatic music (South Indian classical) and Bharathanatyam. (South Indian Classical dance)

She has had the opportunity to learn from renowned and leading Gurus (in Carnatic music and Bharathanatyam), musicologists and musicians from India. She has had training in the Vazhuvoor tradition of Bharatanatyam. Besides her musical concerts and performances she also lends vocal support for dance debuts, led dems, workshops and performances (Bharathanatyam).

Other interests

Dr. Chithra plays the Veena, (Indian stringed instrument), the harmonica and the keyboard.

Natural flair for languages and can speak to about 8 Indian languages, English and German.

Completed a three-year course in German at the Max Mueller Bhavan.

An avid nature photographer, flair for foreign languages, keen interior decorator, plays Badminton, reading, and travel.

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She acknowledges her sincere gratitude to all her gurus for their expert guidance and support throughout her dance and music career. She greatly appreciates the support from her family, without their wholehearted support and guidance pursuing her passion would have been impossible.

TAPMI congratulates Dr. Chithra on her achievements and is pleased to declare her as Alumnus of the month for November 2013.