Life at TAPMI



It all began with the drive to the campus after arriving in Manipal. TAPMI’s sprawling campus is tucked away by the hillside in Manipal. The winding road leading to the campus is scenic enough but what takes your breath away is the sight of the campus below. It was love at first sight. I reached the campus abuzz with hope and expectation. I went straight to the hostel block meant for 1st year students and checked in. Now those of you who are accustomed to dorm room lives at engineering colleges will know the value of the following: 1) the hostel has an elevator, 2) Every room has an attached bathroom!

On the eve of the start of academic year, we were handed over schedule for the week to come. First was the Orientation Program which was for two days. We were all called by the seniors that night and were told they were looking for participants to perform at the end of the Orientation ceremony. Thus began our life at TAPMI – with orientation speeches all day and tireless rehearsals all night. Clearly, a sign of things to come.

The much talked about academic rigour of TAPMI is felt early on with primers. These are two week courses that introduce you to the basics in the fields of IT, Quantitative Techniques and Accounts. These appetizers of sorts make way for the taxing PG Program that stretches over 6 terms in two academic years.

But that’s not what sets TAPMI apart but its culture. All activities on campus are student driven. TAPMI has a host of Committees to take care of everything on campus from student welfare to sports and movie screenings too. The committees run the show under the watchful eyes of the faculty. Towards the end, student committees made presentations to the first years explaining what they do and what they expect from the juniors following which applications was accepted. Freshmen were inducted into various committees after elections/interviews.

The first major event in TAPMI’s calendar is Episode. It is organized by the Literary Committee (LitCom) and is spread over an entire week. The seniors maintain a fair level of secrecy about Episode which makes it all the more thrilling for the freshmen. The less I talk about Episode the better it is for future TAPMIans reading this. All I’m going to reveal is that it’s a week-long ice breaker between seniors and juniors.

TAPMI has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to ragging. The authorities have never been called in to action though given the fact that students here are mature enough to act responsibly.

Mid-term examinations flew by in the blink of an eye and we were left trying to make sense of the results and feedback from Professors. Assignments and submissions, both group and individual, take up most of one’s time on campus and add some flavor to the learning process. Time flies and before you know it End Term Examinations are upon you and with this ends the first term at TAPMI. What follows is a unique experience called Outbound. Students are sent on a 2 day camp that includes trekking and several other team-building/adventurous activities. It definitely forces you to come out of your comfort zone. It gave me a chance to get to know my batchmates better and the 2 days were definitely a memorable experience for me.

We are now in our second trimester, and new opportunities to learn, and have fun, await us. The summer internship recruitment process in underway, with students suiting up and putting their best foot forward as and when companies visit. BrandScan 2012, the one of its kind annual Market research fest was spread over 4 days in 3 cities. It is a significant event in the life of every TAPMIAN, and the excitement in the air is very evident. In between we also had two Leadership Lectures from eminent personalities as also the Conclaves organised by Finance, Marketing, HR, IT and Healthcare Areas, besides a number of Guest Lectures including by visiting Alumni.

So here’s looking forward to more fun, exciting times at TAPMI.

Mr Nishant Boorla
PGP 2012-14