EPISODE” an intra-college week long cultural extravaganza conducted every year by the literary committee of TAPMI. This event is designed to break the ice between the juniors and seniors.A platform created to lay the foundation forcreating senior junior bonds which last, not just for a fest, but for a lifetime!

After a rigorous week of primers when the curriculum for the newly inducted batch is overloaded with assignments and presentations, “EPISODE” enlivens the entire batch.

Much before the induction of the new batch, the sophomores form six teams, each team being represented by an able team leader. A theme is chosen every year and this year was the year of Fantasy at EPISODE. The teams are asked to come up with their own eye-opening team name.

Once the juniors enter TAPMI, the seniors keep everything possible under wraps. The seniors being all hush-hush makes sure that every junior is kept in the dark, about what lies in store for them. Once the Pre“EPISODE”, promotion week sets in, all hell breaks loose in the cafeteria! A flood of Strategies and ideas gush in from all corners, as the teams prepare to promote themselves. The moment it’s half past one (lunch time) on the clock, TAPMI rings of slogans and drum beats. Each team tries to rope in as many students through games, various other activities, loud and silent slogans, hooting and screaming and putting in all it takes. The main motive, to get as many juniors to support their team and as far as the juniors are concerned, confusion and chaos rings loud through their facial expressions!All the juniors get to do is pick a team and support it without even knowing the actual name of the team!

At the end of the gala week, which seems colorful and invigorating for the seniors but bogs the juniors further down into the abyss of their own confusion, finally the curtains are unveiled! The juniors are taken out of their dilemma; the time has come to launch “EPISODE”. The launch of episode begins with the introduction of the EPICOM (judges) and the new addition to the LITCOM team, the Junior Litcom members. Following this, each team is given an opportunity to unveil their own team name and selected junior members. Each junior is then allowed to join his/her team for interacting, inquiring, learning and finally belong to a specific team, a team who they will truly support!

Now the charged and delighted juniors are a part of their teams, they make new bonds, interact with people of contrasting ways of thinking, and yet come together to be one, for the sake of their team! It is definitely a stunning sight to see how the energy levels are transferred from the seniors to the respective juniors, when suddenly juniors are seen screaming the slogans with same valor and patriotism. An unnatural phenomenon, something you cannot express in words: “EPISODE”.

Here there are a million more hurdles to overcome and the best part about it all, the juniors still have no clue of the extremely rigorous routine that will become their lifestyle, in the week that is yet to unfold.

Yes, it’s the end of the confusion and the teams with their catchy slogans shine bright, yet there are miles to go before the juniors can sleep, and their beds and rooms shall only be utilized to catch remnants of sleep! Just the beginning of something so tiring that bodies ache and eyes sag with dark circles, and yet something so beautiful that every junior shall cherish for the rest of their lives, in TAPMI and beyond!

It’s just the beginning of the momentous fest called “EPISODE”!


Episode 2011