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BrandScan - 2014

Being a top ranked business school in the country, TAPMI firmly believes in setting standards in every one of its endeavours. We at TAPMI believe that quality is the impetus of all the initiatives undertaken by us. A longstanding event in our history, BrandScan is TAPMI’s hallmark event. Inducted in 1993 with just one format (i.e. the event at Manipal), it has now grown to a magnanimous scale that spans three cities, Kundapura (Rural Format), Manipal (Semi-Urban Format) and Bangalore (Urban Format).

BrandScan is a unique market research fair that aims to collect valuable consumer and market related information for strategic use by our esteemed corporate clients. What sets us apart from other market research fairs is the technique used to garner a true and unbiased consumer response towards the products or services being analyzed. This technique comprises eliciting consumer responses through strategically designed and deceivingly simple games that any member of the target segment can play. Each project is handled by a leader and his team, guided by the expertise of our faculty at TAPMI. In partnership with our external market research partners InTouch Analytics, BrandScan is able to verify, organize and present the data collected in a customized way for each client. The most sought after projects at BrandScan are those that measure Pricing Impact, Advertisement Effectiveness and New Product Awareness.

With a backing of 21 years’ worth of quality work delivered, we have successfully completed 240 projects for 130 satisfied clients. This year, BrandScan created history by undertaking and successfully completing the highest number of projects in a single year (24 projects in 2014), with our sector-wise coverage expanding to include the following:

  • FMCG & Retail
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Automobile Services
  • Infrastructure & Media
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Healthcare

BrandScan 2014 was proud to witness an excess of 40,000 people in attendance at all three formats. Inaugurated by the Honorable Chief Guest, IPS officer Amrit Paul, IGP, Western Range, Prof. Simon George, the Chairman of Brandscan, Dr. R.C. Natarajan, the Director of TAPMI and Dr. Raghuvir Singh, the Director of TAPMI School of Business who applauded the growth story of BrandScan so far. BrandScan also saw a variety of events such as ‘Prozac’ (an inter-college play competition), ‘Zest’ (a dance competition), ‘Panache’ (a fashion show) and ‘Kids Got Talent’ (a talent show for children of all ages) being conducted. The conception of these events was facilitated in a way that would attract and entertain the maximum footfall for our research process.

The Alumni Relations Committee was a great aid to our success, leveraging LinkedIn to connect with numerous clients and alumni. Social media also felt BrandScan’s presence this year with TAPMI reaching out to 10 generations of BrandScan through FaceBook. The official BrandScan page reached thousands of individuals and garnered more than 1000 likes. The event was also reported live on Twitter, while TAPMI-BrandScan held its first press conference at Bangalore and Manipal.

With a dynamic student body, a growing list of clients and the endearing support we receive from the faculty at TAPMI, BrandScan has been able to grow and prosper. We hope to scale higher peaks and deliver the best we can in the years to come. 

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BrandScan 2014 Senior Members
Projects Committee Design, Media and Promotions Committee Event Management Committee
Abha Sharma
Arun Balakrishnan
Ashna Jain
Alok Jain SP
Kalyani Seshadri Ashwin Shetty H
Deepali Rajaram Rawool
Mohammed Aamir Khan Bibin George Varghese
Dhruv Virmani
  Jyoti Chandak
Gaurav Rathnakar Shetty
  Midhun T Jacob
Karthek Ravender Iyer
  Mohammed Suheil
Payal Datta Chowdhury
  Nikhil Haridas
Tejaswini Radhakrishnan
  Nimish Jain
Ulhas K Udayakumar
  Renjit Thomas
    Swapna Laxman
Convenor Neel Kamal 9901727236
Co-Convenor Jobin George Kadackal

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