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Student Executive Council

The Student Executive Council (SEC) acts as a bridge between the student body and the management in matters of general, academic or individual importance while ensuring that all guidelines are followed.

The functions of the Student Executive Council are as follows:

  • To ensure that any issue pertaining to student life in TAPMI is looked after, including their academic progress and smooth functioning of student activities
  • Offer any help required by different committees in performing their duties and tasks
  • Maintain general discipline of students
  • Decide on matters that are of importance to the student body as a whole
  • Assist any student in case of any difficulty
  • Represent the students in the PGP Office
  • Act as a link between various committees
  • The members of the SEC conduct the elections for the Class Representatives to manage the academic related activities for the PGP-1 batch
  • Conduct elections and/or selection of students to different student committees
  • They are involved in the budgeting process and allocate funds to other committees based on their requirements.
    The Student Executive Council, while acting as an advisory council to all committees, coordinates activities relevant to the college and students in general, which include the leadership lectures with prominent industry personnel, industry interactions with esteemed individuals, the induction programs for juniors, anti-ragging talks and awareness campaigns, and organization of college events in collaboration with different committees.

Selection of Committees

Each committee is responsible for selecting it’s own members. The Student Executive Council ensures that this process runs smoothly and with minimal overlap of students. To do this, the Student Executive Council holds a session for the first year students in which all committees make their respective pitches to them. The Council then calls for nominations to committees with student preferences for committee choices.
The Council also ensures that the choice of the student is respected, with conflicts and overlaps being resolved based on the committee preference filled out by the student.

Brandscan Committee

The Brandscan Committee conducts Brandscan, the annual flagship market research event of TAPMI. Initiated in 1993 and with a rich legacy of 23 years, Brandscan is one of the pioneering events among Indian B-schools to conduct market research through a ‘fair format’.

BrandScan offers unique customer insights by demystifying consumer behavior methodically. Live projects from eminent companies are researched by collecting data through cleverly crafted ‘disguised games’ to produce quality market research reports.

About 20 projects are taken up each year for study and research from prominent clients during the months of October and November. Our data analytics and market research partners ensure that research and analysis are of industry standard. The projects span across industries like Consumer Durables, FMCG, Banking and Financial Services, Advertising & Media, Hotel and Hospital services, Lifestyle Products, etc. Some of our clientele include Hindustan Unilever, Apple, Titan, Citibank, Airtel, Reebok, Samsung, Cadbury’s, Nestle, ICICI, Amul, FlipKart, Fastrack, P&G, Lakme, TVS motorbikes, MRF, India Today, and Zee TV, etc.


Esprit conducts a series of internal quizzes in creative and imaginative formats, encouraging students to put on their thinking caps and experience the thrill of quizzing. By transforming the quiz into a mind sport rather than a test of knowledge, they ensure enthusiastic participation of both quizzers and non-quizzers. Besides conceptualizing Quiz on the Beach, the largest campus quiz in the country conducted by Quizmaster Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubramaniam, they also host Tata Crucibles at TAPMI every year.

Atharva Committee

The Atharva Committee organizes TAPMI’s annual B-school fest that hosts over 1500 participants from across 50 B-schools of the country every year. An event of such magnitude is put together by a dynamic team of 45 spirited students.
The essence of Atharva is to portray the various aspects of a Manager through events. With inFINity in Finance, Make Your Mark in Marketing, sHRishti in HR, Sankalp in Business Planning, Xpressions, the cultural night, and Run for a Cause Marathon, Atharva has a bit of everything for everyone.


Omega is the Student Consulting Wing of TAPMI that helps small and medium scale enterprises, and small traders in and around Manipal, Udupi, and Mangalore to strive towards excellence in their business. It is a source of immense learning for students as it provides a platform for the students to engage in a professional assignment even before they venture into the professional world. They have to work against strict deadlines set by the client and meet the clients’ requirements without compromising on the quality of work.

OMEGA has successfully completed several consulting projects from large and small business organizations in India. In addition, OMEGA takes pride in assisting budding entrepreneurs in setting up and running their businesses. They look into the clients’ requirements and suggest ways in which we can help them improve their business, therefore providing a platform for interaction between students and local entrepreneurs.

OMEGA also helps students at TAPMI get an exposure to real-life problems faced by businesses. Project teams consist of members from the committee and students with a diverse set of experiences across several industries. In addition, OMEGA engages with Faculty if the project requires their expertise, to help the students understand the applicability of theoretical concepts to the real world scenarios.

Alumni Relations Committee

The Alumni Relations Committee (ARC) connects TAPMI with its 4800+ strong prestigious alumni network spread across the globe. With a motto of   ‘Connect, Bond and Network’, the energetic team of around 25 members works round the year to keep our alumni engaged with the Institute.
The ARC plans and organizes Batch Reunions, City and International Meets, shares career opportunities among the network to enhance their professional growth, conducts interviews, and recognizes and promotes alumni achievements and entrepreneurship ventures via social media platforms.
In addition to this, the ARC functions in sync with the Placement team, Management in Practice team, Atharva, BrandScan, and Omega to facilitate a platform for TAPMI to benefit from the immense expertise and support of our alumni base. Finally, the ARC ensures that the gates of TAPMI are always open to our alumni.


It is a unique committee that has been formed to act as an interface between the management and students. With a motto, ‘We Care’, the welfare committee strives to make TAPMI a home away from home.

It takes decisions regarding student welfare, maintenance of hostels, the mess, allocation of hostel rooms and parking slots, and festival celebrations. In addition to solving student complaints along with management, the welfare committee also ensures the smooth functioning of all the events held on campus.

Literary and Media Committee

One of the most active committees of TAPMI is the Literary and Media Committee, popularly known as LiMe. A brand is of no value if it doesn’t connect with the right audience in a relevant way. To ensure that brand TAPMI remains popular and relevant, LiMe performs a wide range of activities ranging from digital marketing and merchandising to publishing college magazines. It also looks after public relations and plays an active role during admissions.

Apart from promoting the Institute and its events on various platforms of social media, the committee has also created its own version of Terribly Tiny Tales and Humans of TAPMI, to keep students engaged and hooked on to social media. The latter deals with the stories of the silent workhorses of the Institute, whose work tend to go unnoticed. An annual event named RooBaRoo (formerly known as Inceptum) is also conducted by LiMe that acts as an icebreaker between first year and second year students.

On the literary front, LiMe plays an active role in maintaining the TAPMI blog page and is responsible for publishing Pratibimb and Update, the two magazines of the Institute. While the former is a bi-monthly publication with articles from students of other B-Schools, and guest and alumni interviews, the latter is the yearbook of the Institute that is published at the time of the convocation.

Logistics Committee

At the time of its inception, the Logistics Committee (LogCom) was a part of Brandscan. The basic purpose of LogCom was to provide logistics support exclusively to the Brandscan events. But the committee split from Brandscan a few years ago with the aim of extending a helping hand to the other committees as well such as Atharva, QoTB etc. On a broader scale, the purpose of LogCom is to provide back-end support to all committees in conducting their events.

They help committees in obtaining permissions from various civic and police authorities for the smooth running of the events, in the identification of vendors for procuring materials required for the events, and in setting up and managing the venues for events along with the college administration.

Finance Forum

Finance Forum is one of the most energetic committees at TAPMI that brings together finance enthusiasts through a plethora of events conducted throughout the year. They are the proud hosts of Finomenal, an annual finance conclave that creates an interactive platform for finance students from different colleges and senior industry professionals, Manthan, an annual budget conclave that includes a captivating Budget Discussion, with a panel of influential guests, the finale of SMIC (Student Managed Investment Course), where industry experts and students are brought together on a common platform, the investors’ meet of Samnidhy, the student-managed investment fund at TAPMI, where the Board of Directors delivers a formal presentation on the stock selection and review process to their investors, which is the student fraternity of TAPMI, the ‘Friday Night series’, where every Friday, students engage in an informal conversation about Finance, at the TAPMI Finance Lab.

They also manage the TAPMI Journal of Economics and Finance (TJEF), a quarterly journal that publishes research papers of TAPMI students. TJEF has an Advisory Editorial Board with academicians and esteemed industry professionals from SEBI, CFA Institute, BSE, Bloomberg, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Singapore Management University, among other reputed institutes.

Operations Forum

TAPMI Operations forum is a students’ body of TAPMI which works with the threefold mission of protecting and nurturing the interest of students in operations, providing networking opportunities with the industry and highlighting career opportunities in the field.

The forum aims to invoke interest among the student community in various areas of Operations Management while creating awareness about interactions with other functional areas of management. Additionally, it conducts student-level activities like simulation games, quizzes, case studies, Internship training, and knowledge transfer sessions etc.

Some of the events conducted by forum include Ops Diaries, a competition-cum-knowledge sharing session where students share their work experience across domains and are judged by the faculty members on the basis of various parameters. The first edition of Ops Diaries was successfully completed in 2015. SCOPE, the flagship event of Operations Forum focuses on strengthening the interaction between the industry and the students.

The Marketing Forum

The Marketing Forum aims to help the students of marketing gain expertise in their field through numerous activities which include M-Power, fortnightly sessions conducted by the in-house faculty and external industry experts to impart real world knowledge to the students, Marketer Of the Month, a monthly event which encourages students to compete in marketing related intra college events, Marketer Of the Year, an event which pits all the winners of the monthly events against each other to claim the ultimate crown of Marketer of the Year and The King of Marketing, and M-World, a fortnightly newsletter which features articles by students.

HR committee

The HR committee conducts DISHA, the annual HR conclave in TAPMI, which provides a platform for students to interact with and initiate conversations with HR experts, discover new perspectives, learn about the current challenges and developments in the field and understand the expectations of the industry as a whole. Apart from DISHA, the HR committee also organizes events such as mock salary negotiation and case discussions.


The Treasury takes care of the finances of all committees and forums. The money issued by the college for the various activities conducted by the different committees is disbursed through them. They prepare a budget for each committee and ensure that all funds are processed in a transparent manner while keeping a continuous check on their expenses.

Social Endeavor Group

The Social Endeavour Group (SEG) at TAPMI works for the development of the community in and around Manipal. With 22 members, they help different strata of the community ranging from children in primary school to NGOs like Red Cross. Research projects aimed at the development of Manipal are also taken up. They also try to inculcate socially responsible habits within the student community at TAPMI, who in turn volunteer in large numbers to support their activities.

The SEG teaches children of the Academic Primary School and tracks their performance through various games and interactive exercises along with volunteers from TAPMI, under their knowledge sharing initiative. Every year SEG takes up and successfully executes projects related to social causes like the Manipal Lake Project where they collaborated with the district administration to conduct a research to find a sustainable revenue model for the lake. A research to identify the needs of differently abled was also conducted in association with Red Cross to find out ways in which SEG could support them.

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee (SportsCom) aims to promote sports among the students of TAPMI by organizing multiple sports events throughout the year. The flagship event of SportsCom is Speed, which runs for over a month and brings together an array of talent, making it one of the biggest events at TAPMI.

Cultural Committee

A student-run committee dedicated to nurturing and displaying the talent of the students, the Cultural Committee organizes several unforgettable events and activities for the students around the year, which include cultural and jam nights for festivals, ‘Genesis’ and WAVES, the biggest extravaganza on campus.

TAPMI Systems Group

TAPMI Systems Group (TSG) helps students in the field of Systems by providing insights about various certifications, sharing knowledge and developing skill sets required to excel in the industry. Academic assistance is provided to students through portals like Student Information System and Competition Tab.

Some of the activities that the TSG engages in include sessions on certifications like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Agile project management etc., Idea-Lab Challenge, an intra-TAPMI business plan competition where students address a gap in the consumer or business need with the help of a mobile application, and Students Information System, an automated data management and reporting system to assist students in their academics. The information system provides up-to-date information on students’ performance in academics based on various indicators.

Health Care Committee

The Health Care Committee (HCC) is responsible for hosting Abhyudaya, the health care conference at TAPMI where business leaders and pioneers of excellence from the health care industry are called as speakers, providing a platform for students to interact with such highly knowledgeable healthcare professionals. The committee also facilitates interaction between the health care management students of TAPMI and other MBA colleges.