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Working Papers

Sl.No Working Paper No. Author Title
117 WP2015-16/11 Aditya Mohan Jadhav; Nagi Reddy and Madhu Veeraraghavan Project Attributes and Market Reaction to Capital Expenditure Projects: Indian Evidence
116 WP2015-16/10 Kunal Kumar Kamal and Sushanta Kumar Mishra Faking News: How a news satire portal helps uphold journalism ethics
115 WP2015-16/09 Srikanth P Is there Evidence of Earnings Management in India?: An Empirical Study
114 WP2015-16/08 Prashant Kumar The intellectual structure of the green consumer field: An author citation/ co-citation analysis
113 WP2015-16/07 Prashant Kumar Relationship between in-store experience quality and perceived green retail store credibility
112 WP2015-16/06 Madhavi Latha Nandi Absorptive Capacity and ERP Assimilation: The Influence of Company-Ownership
111 WP2015-16/05 Debmallya Chatterjee Delphi-FAHP and PROMETHEE: An integrated approach in healthcare facility location selection
110 WP2015-16/04 Prashant Kumar A Normalised Citation and Profiling Analysis of Green Consumer Research from 1975 to 2014
109 WP2015-16/03 Aditya Mohan Jadhav; M Durga Prasad and P Srikanth Foreign Ownership, Royalty Payments and Expropriation of Minority Shareholders: Evidence from India
108 WP2015-16/02 Madhavi Latha Nandi and Ajith Kumar J Centralization and success of ERP Implementation
107 WP2015-16/01 James, P S Transformational Leadership: An option for Managing VUCA Environment
106 WP2014-15/05 Durga Prasad M S Kingfisher Airlines Limited: Debt Restructuring
105 WP2014-15/04 Kunal Kumar Kamal and Sushanta Kumar Mishra Assuming Corporate Responsibilities in Lawless Situations: Case study of a News Media Organization
104 WP2014-15/03 Madhu Veeraraghavan et al Board of Independence and Internal Control Weakness: Evidence from SOX 404 Disclosures
103 WP2014-15/02 Sushanta Kumar Sarma Politician’s Dilemma: The interplay of Commitment and Conformity in Pluralism
102 WP2014-15/01 Sushanta Kumar Sarma Qualitative Research in No Research: Examining Allegations