A comprehensive array of pedagogical tools such as Lectures, Case Studies, Role Plays, Project Presentations, and Simulations, are used to facilitate effective learning. The highlights of the programme are:

  1. Emphasis on self learning.
  2. Focus on a Holistic approach to decision making and problem solving.
  3. Integrated approach to the functional areas of Management.
  4. Strong Emphasis on Ethics and Values.
  5. Emphasis on group work and team building.
  6. Academic rigor and continuous evaluation.
  7. Personality development through specially designed modules.
  8. Strong support through Faculty Advisors, and Counselors.
  9. Joint faculty - student projects.
  10. Active collaboration between the Institute and Industry through features like Summer Placement and Management in Practice (MIP). 
  11. Opportunities for the students to delve deeper into chosen areas of interest, through tailor-made Courses of Independent Study (CIS).