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"I find that TAPMI graduates are pretty well grounded but I guess we are looking at it in terms of what the future global manager will require to do, and therefore I would like to go back to the three basic pillars of Value Creation in TAPMI which are - Virtue, Values and Wisdom"
G. D. Sharma, Vice President - HRD, Larsen & Toubro

"TAPMI epitomises an interesting confluence of modern management education and a values-based learning culture. TAPMI is clearly positioned as an important institution of management learning and practice, nestled in the diaspora of the student community at Manipal"
Yogi Sriram, Senior Vice President HR , Taj Group of Hotels

"I find that TAPMI students are adaptable and are eager to adjust to the environment and to that extent 'less demanding' in terms of facilities etc. and are more eager to prove that they can contribute first. They also have their feet to the ground and hence are willing and able to adapt well. They are social and try to fit into the environment they operate in and do not try to 'stand out . This enables them to get along much better with all levels in the organisation."
H. V. Harish, Director - South India, Grant Thornton

"There has been a tremendous growth in the way the students have grown, in the way the faculty has grown, in the way people have learnt newer and newer skills, in the way people have learnt to adapt to a global environment."
Ranjan Acharya, Vice President-Corporate, HRD, Wipro

"It's a very eager institute and I see it reflected in the faculty, I see it reflected in the students, their eagerness to learn, their eagerness to benchmark themselves constantly with what's happening amongst the best Business Schools. What that eagerness does is that it takes away the sense of complacency and it takes away this element of that 'look I am already there' away which I think is a big plus."
Pratik Kumar, Corporate Vice President- HR, Wipro

"It was a pleasure interacting with the students of TAPMI during our visit to your Institute recently for campus placements. The participation and enthusiasm shown by your students was a delight. We are also impressed by the infrastructure the Institute provides and feel that this will go a long way in enabling your students to be great future managers. We wish the Institute all the best"
Richard Lobo, Manager (HR) and Narasimha Prasad, Manager (HR) - INFOSYS

"Best bunch of guys we have come across this year. Students are self-confident and communicate well. Subject knowledge in areas of specialization is good."
Murugappa Group

"Highly motivated. Technically sound in management and marketing concepts."
Sonata Software Limited

" Promising Institute. Could develop as a leading private management institute."
Titan Industries Limited

"The students are of good standard and we would like to keep coming back every year."
Electrolux India

"Good quality of students. It was a pleasant experience at TAPMI. Very focused, and improved articulation."
Birla Management Group (A.V. Birla Group)