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We have a placement secretariat, comprising the Chairman-Placement, Assistant Placement Officer and the Placement Committee. The Chairman-Placement is a senior faculty of the Institute. The Assistant Placement Officer and the Placement Committee of students support the Chairman-Placement. 

The Placement Committee is responsible for coordinating with the organizations and inviting them to the campus for placements. It is equipped to assist the organizations by providing necessary information and logistics support. The team handles various activities like making available the resumes of the students, communicating the guidelines and dates to the organizations and providing assistance in organizing accommodation during placements. 

Please contact the following for further details:

Prof. K. J. George
Direct: +91 820 2701468
Mobile: +91 84949 36499, 89708 22824
Fax: 91 820 2570699
Email: /

Ms. Kalindi Bhat
Assistant Placement Officer
Direct: +91 820 2701018
Fax: +91 820 2570699

Ms. Rajeshwari Akshay Shetty
Direct: +91 820 2701018

Placement Committee

The student coordinators of the placement committee are:

Name Contact No.
Abhinav Srivastava +91-8150091182
Achala Bhat +91-9741894901
Adharsh Santhanam +91-7026330466
Amrut Pramod Mulgund +91-9819185320
George Mathew +91-8105991103
Himanshu Bhalla +91-9891417362
Pratik Murarka +91-8748933289
Rutwik Nagwankar +91-9765000720
Shreya Thakur +91-9844527162
Titikhya Dey +91-7026334920
Varun E S +91-9008245605
Venkata Madhuri Ravi +91-7026334916
Hardik Jadav +91-9601756155
Priyanka Hariramani +91-8879486456
Soujanya Panda +91-9985369735
Sreeda P +91-9980562996