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The library Information resources includes both print and non-print resources. The type of print resources available in the library are summarized below.  The print resources consists books, periodicals, students’ project reports, company balance sheets/annual reports, working papers of TAPMI faculty members and other institutes, general and business newspapers, and special collections including institutional publications. 

Library-books.jpgBooks: Library has rich collection of well-chosen books on management and related subjects.  Each functional area such as finance, marketing, HRM/HRD, systems Productions etc. has wide range of useful books.  However, there are a number of books on Research Methodology, Rural Development, Hotel Management, Hospital Management, Fisheries and Agriculture too.  The collection is broadly divided into three categories namely lending, textbook and reference books. The Lending books can be borrowed for home reading for longer period and Textbook books are meant for ready reference and can be borrowed for overnight too. The Reference books like encyclopedias, dictionaries, and stock exchange and industrial directories, subject handbooks, statistical data reports and yearbooks are available for reference only.

Library-harvard.jpgSpecial Collections: The special collection includes books and reports published by Harvard Business School, Reserve Bank of India, World Bank, ADB, IMF, CMIE, Govt. of India Publications including Census of India 2001 (all published census 2001 documents). 





Library-periodicals.jpgPeriodicals: The library subscribes around 300 print periodicals (magazines+ journals) published from India and abroad.  The Magazines are of general interest like, Business India, Business Today, India today, week, newsweek etc. The Journals are research/scholarly publications like Journal of Management, Journal of marketing Research, Academy of Management Journal etc. The back volumes of journals are preserved in bound form and 5,500 such bound volumes are available in the library. The current issues of periodicals and back bound volumes are are displayed alphabetically.


Newsletters: Newsletters are in-house news bulletins from various organizations. the library is getting about 30-40 such newsletters and they are displayed in periodicals section.

Newspapers: Library is subscribing to 10 business and general newspapers. The papers are also subscribed separately for faculty Lounge, Deans and student Hostels. 

Library-project_reports.jpgStudents' Project Reports (MIP): The students of Bschools during their studies are required to do a project work to gain real experience in corporate world and submit a project report to organisation and the institute of their study. Such students' project reports are preserved in the library for ready reference. the soft copies of the such reports are available for recent batches.

Brandscan Project Reports: TAPMI has unique annual feature called Brandscan. Brandscan  is an industry sponsored annual market Research Fair conducted by TAPMI students under the guidance of faculty members. The research will be carried public participation and the research data will be gathered through innovative games. Probably TAPMI was the first institute in India to innovate such research studies with public participation and has become model for many Bschools in India. The Library has preserved such project reports since its inception in 1993. 

Library-annual-reports.jpgCompany Annual Reports: The library has Annual reports of about 400 major limited Indian companies for the past several years and these reports are arranged alphabetically on pigeon holed racks in Library basement (Bound Volume section)





TAPMI Working Papers: Working papers are the research publications of institute's faculty members. they are pre publication papers and they are circulated among faculty colleagues for comments and the revised paper will be submitted for publications in academic Journals. about 90 working papers published by TAPMI faculty members are available in the library and the soft copies those papers are accessible on campus-wide network/intranet. Besides the library has some working papers of IIMA and IIMB too.

Case Studies: The library has purchased over 600 management cases published by Harvard Business School, Darden University, European Case Clearing House (ECCH). TAPMI also has published over 200 management cases and these cases have been deposited in ECCH case depository. The ECCH cases can be purchased by bschools across the globe. However, the The cases that are available in the  library can be referred only only by the faculty members of the institute.

Children Library Books: The children library section has small collection of 2000 books, comics and magazines for children of institutes employees.

Book Bank Library: The library also planning to start book bank library with the textbooks donated by students and faculty members of the institute.