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  1. The primary library members include PGP Students, faculty members, administrative staff, Administrators, and research associates of the institute. Others may however avail the library facilities with prior approval from the Librarian.

  2. Any user who is leaving the Institute shall return all the borrowed books and periodicals and pay over-due charges, if any, to get the NO DUE certificate.

Borrowing Privileges:     

  1. The primary members of the library can borrow books, periodicals, CDs, VCs and newspapers for home reading and viewing purposes. The Textbooks and some reference books in reference book can also be borrowed for overnight reading. The bar-coded Library Identity cards will be issued to all the members of the library, which needs to be produced while borrowing books and other materials.  

  2. For PGP Students the Identity card will remain effective for the duration of the programme.

  3. In case of loss, a duplicate library Identity card will be issued after verification. 

Loan Privileges:

    For Students:

  1. Four books in lending section can be borrowed for the period of one week.

  2. Text books in Reference section can be borrowed for overnight reading.

  3. Two back issues of current periodicals can be borrowed for two days.

  4. The Bound Back volumes of periodicals are treated as books and they can be borrowed as lending books.

  5. CDs/DVDs and VCs can be borrowed for short period.

  6. Project Reports and company annual reports are meant for reference only. However, they can be issues on special permissions.

  7. The reference books like encyclopedias and dictionaries are for reference only and cannot be issued.  

For faculty/staff Members and administrators: The faculty and other staff members can borrow more books and other materials for longer period. They can also borrow the books and magazines in children section for their children.

Issue/Return Timings: 

  1. Since the library transactions are bar-coded, the issues and returns can be done during library working hours.

  2. The text books for overnight reading are issued during closing hours and they need to be returned by next day morning.

  3. New additions to the library will be issued to the users only after complete processing is done.

  4. Renewal  of issued books is not allowed. However, books can be reissued only if there is no demand from other users.

  5. Issues of books for vacations and project works will be considered on special requests.
  6. The library can recall the books issued to the user at any time, if required.  (However, if a book is issued to a Faculty Member, the priority will be given to the Faculty's requirement).


  1. Personal belongings such as bags, briefcases, umbrellas, opaque covers etc., are not allowed inside the library and they have to be deposited at the pigeonholed racks kept at the entrance of the library.

  2. the users need to produce library Identity card in person while barrowing books and other materials from the library.

  3. Users leaving the library should allow the staff at the counter to examine their belongings.

  4. Users are requested maintain silence within the library premises.

  5. Smoking and eatables are not permitted inside the library.

  6. The orderliness of furniture inside the library need to be maintained.

  7. Users will be responsible for the materials borrowed from the library.  Borrower will be charged for any loss damage to the material(s), by way of mutilation and disfiguring of pages, by either asking for a replacement of the document. In case of out of print documents, the member will have to pay the cost of photocopying the same and also pay a fine equal to the cost of document.

  8. Users are requested to ensure that all the documents taken out of the library are properly issued. 

The following will be treated as misconduct and they will be reported to the authorities

  1. Unauthorized removal of library documents.
  2. Mutilation and disfiguring of library documents.

  3. Non-response to the intimations of library for return of documents.

  4. Misbehaviour with the library staff on duty.