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The library firmly believes in service to users. It will make all efforts to facilitate academic activities of the institute. It attempts to realize Dr. S R Ranganathan's (father of library science) fourth law of Library science ("Save the Time of Reader"). The library facilities and services provided to users  are given below.

Borrowing Facility:

Books/ Periodicals Borrowing: 
Books in lending section are available for home reading for the period of one week (for students). Similarly, the back issues of current periodicals and their bound back volumes are available for borrowing.

Overnight Borrowing: In addition lending books, students can borrow one to two textbooks in the reference section for overnight reading, which needs to returned next day morning.

CDs/Videos Borrowing: The users can borrow CDs/VCDs and Video cassettes available in the library for short period.

Reading /Reference Facilities & Services:

The library has individual cubicles for personal concentrated reading. about 100 students can use the library at a time. The cubicles are fitted with power cables for charging laptops.  Subject and general Dictionaries and encyclopedias, Handbooks, industrial Directories, Training kits/manuals,  Data books, Govt. of India Publications, Census reports, and year books are available in the library for ready reference.

Newspaper Browsing Facility:

The library subscribes to many general and business newspapers. The business papers will be preserved for the past one-two years and general papers will be preserved for the past 6-8 months.

Automated facilities & Services:

Bar-Coded Transactions: The issues and returns of books and periodicals are bar-coded. This ensures zero defects and reduced waiting line and longer hours of borrowing. The bar-coded library identity card also minimizes the number of library cards to be carried while barrowing the library resources. It also avoids the filling of borrower's slips at the time of borrowing.

On-line Catalogue Search (OPAC): The FoxPro based databases containing bibliographic details of books, periodicals, project reports, videocassettes, CDs, Cases and company annual reports have been developed in the library. The FoxPro driven in-house developed library software will allow users to search library catalog (OPAC) on tapmiweb network. The library software allows users to know the availability and status of the book in the library. the OPAC allows searching the books though Author, Title, Publisher, and Accno, subject, Class No. and Keywords. 

Remote access: Since the campus is Wi-Fi enabled, the users can access library resources and OPAC across the campus including the library building.  

Inter Library Loan (ILL):

The Library is a member of DELNET (DEveloping Library NETwork), New Delhi and AIRC (American Information Resource Center), Chennai. It can arrange to borrow books that are not available in the library. Besides, it attempts to borrow the required books from local engineering (Manipal Institute of Technology) and medical (Manipal University) Libraries for a short period.  

Photocopying & Binding

The photocopying facility is available in the library and all the members of the library. Lamination and spiral Binding facilities are also available from the centre. On request, arrangements could be made for binding of students' project reports.

Text Book Service:

Considering the problem of obtaining the required textbooks in Manipal, the library will make advance arrangements to purchase course related textbooks and distribute the same to students as course material. This service is very much appreciated and needed for remote place like Manipal, where there are no good book shops.

Digital Library:

Though the campus including library is Wi-Fi enabled, the library has planned to provide 10 terminals for accessing server-based resources. The process is in progress and the terminals will be installed soon.

Library Staff Service:

The library has library dedicated library staff to serve users. The staff try their best to meet users' requirements. The team-worked service by library staff is much appreciated by users.