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The library is housed in three floored centrally air-conditioned independent building with plinth area of 13,000 sq.fts.  Library is located in right side of knowledge centre and infotech lab on the other side. The total area of library including all the three floors (Basement, Ground and First) is about 12,300 sq.ft. The first Floor leads to Terrace from there one can have panoramic view of TAPMI campus and the picturesque scenario around. The building is Wi-Fi enabled for wireless access to internet and internet-based library databases. Ground and first Floor are centrally air-conditioned, the basement is not air-conditioned. But the basement has sufficient lighting and ventilation.

Main entrance to the library and exit from the same is from Ground Floor. the winding staircase leads to basement and First Floor.

Ground Floor (5000 Sq.Ft)

Entrance, Property Counter, Circulation Counter, Reading Cubicles, Reference/Textbooks, Digital Library section, Newspapers, Librarian's Room and Drinking water.


The main entry to the library and exit from the same is from this floor and has about 5000 Sqft plinth area. The Entrance includes property counter (for keeping your books, bags and other personal belongings), Circulation Counter (for Issue & Return of books and other materials). The Left wing holds library display board holds daily News Papers and Digital Library Section (10 computers are planned for user and they will be installed soon). The Right wing comprises HBS publications, textbooks, reference books, new arrivals, and faculty publications. Librarian’s room and Reading cubicles enabled with power-points are available in this floor. Users can charge their laptops. Or can work on these cubicles. In addition, toilet blocks, Drinking water and AHU units are also located in this floor.

First Floor (3900 Sq.Ft.)

Lending Books section, Reading Tables, Reading Tables/Cubicles, Document scanners, Videocassettes, CDs/VCDs/DVDs, Children Library Section.


First floor with built-up area of 3900 sq.ft., includes book stack area, reading space, counter for computers and document scanners. All subject related lenidng books are shelved in this floor. This floor also includes Videocassttess, CDs/VCDs storage cabinets and children library section. The children library is meant for children of the institute’s employees.

Basement (3400 sq.ft)

Photocopying/Binding, Periodicals display, Bound Back Volumes, Project Reports, Company Annual Reports, Textbook Dist. Counter, Store Room, Deputy Librarian's Room


Basement with total built-up area of 3400 sq.ft., includes Current periodicals, Documentation centre (photocopying/binding/lamination), Reading space, Bound back volumes of periodicals, Students' project reports, Brandscan Reports., Company annual reports, Store room, Textbook/Course material Distribution counter and Dy. Librarian’s room.