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Albert Einstein once said, "The job of a teacher is not to teach but to create an environment conducive to learning". The present day youth are intelligent and do not need to be taught; they can learn. TAPMI attracts genuinely intelligent youth from across India. It is imperative for us, the educators to create opportunities and the environment for the youth that facilitate their learning. Thus, our job is cut out, albeit a bit complexly.

Management Education is a practitioner's scientific art. One has to have the principles, concepts and theories at the back of one’s mind, while being busy acting. There is no time to stand and refer to textbooks while in the field. To this extent, it is important to imbibe what TAPMI aims its students to learn.  However, the proof of learning is in its application. As post-graduate students of management, analysis, segregation, judgment, forecasting, application, synthesis, and deciding are the purpose of the learning. Therefore, every opportunity at TAPMI is a road to this destination... Learning to Practise.

And, learning can be fun. TAPMI firmly believes in this aspect. The learning tools used and the pedagogy used in classrooms all engage the students thoroughly and actively, kindling their childlike enthusiasm in the quest to learn. Our Faculty Members are well-versed in their respective fields as well as in making the learning process engaging, absorbing and fun. Do come to TAPMI to experience it.

Dr. R.C. Natarajan