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Research at TAPMI aims at providing a better interface with the academic and business world. TAPMI has realized research as the ability to think openly and inquire deeply into anything that is either related a) directly to better managerial practices or b) indirectly to things that would eventually give rise to better managerial practice or c) to theoretical frameworks which enable reassessment and refinement of managerial thinking. There have been several initiatives in TAPMI to create research interdependencies. They are working in groups, faculty – student collaborative research, internal seminars, research by alumni and more than anything else creating a culture of mutual respect and recognition. 

Focus areas of our research are institution building, networking, social capital, inequity in knowledge activity, intellectual property rights in a globally networked environment, quantitative and technical knowledge through mathematical modeling, work in simulation, neural networks, fuzzy logic, heuristics, bounded rationality, financial investments, portfolio analysis, FIIs and FDIs.