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TAPMI’s Center for Indian Culture, Heritage and Management was established in 2009 to promote studies on Indian Ethos in management. With the growing focus and excitement about the Indian model of management in the global arena, the Center has undertaken a study titled Managerial Excellence through Indian Ethos with funding from AICTE.

The Center for Indian Culture, Heritage and Management will be holding a National Level Conference on the topic “Managerial Excellence through Indian Ethos” on the 8th February 2013 at Manipal. This will be the third conference since its establishment.

Purpose: Management literature in India is mainly borrowed from the west, whereas the Indian management practices are driven largely by national culture and ethos. Thus there is a conflict between theory and practice. This is a major roadblock in training young managers, who are educated in pedagogy not is not in tune with their mental models. This was appreciated in the East Asian countries, notably Japan and China, who blended their cultures with their management systems. Time has come to adopt this missing learning objective into the academic portals in India too.

The Center for Indian Culture, Heritage and Management at TAPMI, which was established in 2009, tries to address this need. It has already published Two Books and a few papers in international conferences on this area.


  • Consolidate existing wealth of knowledge in the field of culture and management.
  • Develop a sound research methodology suitable for this study and apply it for collecting a robust data-base.
  • Develop a well structured pedagogy to  propagate the Indian managerial ideas, concepts and models.
  • Share the ideas and concepts on a national and global level through conferences / workshops.
  • Come out with publications of high standard in this field

Speakers:  The List of Invited Speakers is as follows.

Mr R Seshasayee   Executive Vice Chairman, Ashok Leyland
Mr Suresh AICTE- New Delhi
Dr. Jayasankaran Advisor, NMIMS University
Swami Mitrananda Chinmaya Mission, Chennai
Mr Radhakrishnan Pillai  Author, 'Corporate Chanakya'
Ms Sunita Singh Sengupta Professor of OB, FMS, Delhi
Dr Subhash Sharma Professor, Indus Business Academy
Dr G Shree Menon IRS, Commissioner, Customs and Excise, Panaji, Goa   
Mr Arunachalam Muruganandam  Entrepreneur, Founder , Jayashree Industries







Please contact Dr. A.V.Rajagopalan at for further details.

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