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Welcome to the portal of Executive Education at TAPMI!

TAPMI has the honor of being one among the few institutes in India with twenty seven years of experience in academics, research and executive education. The Executive Education programs of TAPMI have been well received in the industry since inception. 

TAPMI Executive Programs enable managers to develop the capacity to transform themselves, their organizations and their communities. The program content is updated constantly with a view to instill a culture of creativity that perpetuates ingenuity and resilience at every level. 

With a proud tradition of accepting and delving into practical realities, the institute builds on contemporary situations and designs suitable interventions that would help participants improve their performance at the personal and organizational level in real and measurable ways. 

TAPMI creates a team of academicians and practitioners for every Programme to ensure that participants and sponsoring organizations receive value for money. The team will work on understanding the clients business and arrives at solutions to translate learning to results at the workplace. TAPMI ensures that every rupee spent on any Programme would result in a positive impact on organizational performance, behavior and competitiveness with a high result orientation. 

We facilitate the ancient concept of unlimited learning by dispelling fear of the unknown and encouraging participants to explore dimensions of life and work.

Our programs cover all areas of executive development, including leadership, governance, finance and human resources, for public, private and non-profit sectors. We recognize that transforming yourself, your organization and your community are intertwined and hence the offerings from our portfolio of programs are focused on individuals as well as organizations.

Partnering with TAPMI is about learning and performing. Please feel free to contact us for any query or advise on executive education.

Warm regards

Chairman- Executive Education Programs