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Certification Programs

Certification is an academically and professionally recognized credential that provides a competitive advantage pursuing an existing career or a new career. Professional certificate programs aim to complement knowledge and skills with the highest level of academic achievement. TAPMI certification programs are guided by industry experts and the academic body who also approves the curriculum.

These programs consist of a minimum of 48 hours of contact classes in some domains and up to 360 hours of contact classes in areas of Marketing and Human Resource Management. The contact classes are mandatory and involves a rich pedagogy of lectures, discussions, case analysis and project work apart from regular assignments.

With focused, goal-oriented training and a rigorous certification program of TAPMI, students acquire the necessary skills to achieve intellectual mastery and technical expertise in their chosen field.

Certificate Award

Completion of a professional certificate is acknowledged by the Institute that includes the full name of the professional certificate, the academic unit granting the certification, the time period during which the professional certificate was earned, and explicit acknowledgement that all academic work has been successfully completed. This certificate is noted on the student's transcript and is accompanied by the seal of TAPMI and the signature of the Director. This can also be shown as a component of continuing education and be included in the resume for better career opportunities. 

Certification Programs

TAPMI currently offers the following certification programs at CEE Bangalore.

  1. Certification Program in Sales and Marketing
  2. Certification Program in HRM
  3. Advanced Certification Programs in Financial Management (only for Institutions)
  4. Certification Program in Derivatives
  5. Certification Program for Business Analysts
  6. Certification Program in International Business
  7. Certification Program in General Management
  8. Certification Program in Management for SMEs and Startups